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    KINGDOM HEARTS series releasing on Switch via cloud streaming on February 10th

    In general playing KH1 for several hours via cloud on the switch, I found it to be stable if nobody else was using the Internet (even with an Ethernet cable) because any spike in latency even briefly will cause interruptions. I'd say yes it's totally playable, but I'm also on the hunt for a PS4...
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    I was wondering if anyone got a ringtone from khinsider. I read the text at the bottom of the page, and it says I'll be charged $9.99 and subscribed to their service. Has anyone done this yet? I'm curious about whether they actually charge you $9.99 or maybe I should just not give them my number
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    kh2 pics needed

    Go check out the graphics section or go onto khinsider they have tons of pictures.
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    Star Ocean: Till the end of time

    I recently bought this game and I'm not that far into it. Anyone else have this game? and is it part of a series? Because if it is, I havn't played the games before it and I'm just gonna get confused:unsure:
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    Just beat the game :)

    I just beat Kingdom Hearts [the first one]. I feel leet now lol. go me :toungesmile: Just thought I'd spread the news.