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    Take pity....please?

    ok, i'll make this quick. i need some help/advice for my friends. My friend has this web site forum thing that has a rather bad tendancy to die. We can't generate enough lasting interest to keep it going, and we can hardly get the new people to post. it's been reincarnated a few times already...
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    What Makes a Government Just?

    a question to ponder when we think about what our governments are doing. we may wonder, 'that's not fair,' or, 'is justice really fairness?' which john rawls states. Maybe we wonder whether the government really essentially needs to be just. But then, What exactly is Justice then? How is it that...
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    on 99 it will not be hard. i can't remember the first time i beat him, but second time i beat him after leveling at 56, so don't even worry.
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    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, Okay, so like, me and Minnie got into this HUGE fight last night. I was all like, your a waste of time and money! ans she was all like, your FACE is a waste of time and money, and i was all, Yer sisters a waste of time and money, and she was like, Yer mom wasn't. And i don't have a...
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    organization members and their nobodies

    if that were true wouldn't pretty much all the nobodies except for the dusks and those weird creeper things have disappeared from twtnw after you killed the organization? also, i don't know who the creepers are supposed to fit, but since zexion was supposed to be like a shape shifter, and the...
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    Best Form

    i love final. anti form is cool too, but i always go into that when i DON'T want it. so...final.
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    Panic! At the Disco

    so.... who else likes them? one of my favorite songs by them is "lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her shirt off". I write sins not trageties is a good song too.
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    Writing a book...i hope.

    i pre-apologize for any spelling issues that may be encountered in this post ok, well, first things first, i'm working on a few book idea projects at once, and i'm having inspiration problems (and i have alot of other stuff i have to do, so it's hard to get alot done). If anyone can give me an...
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    how did you get KH2?

    how i got kh2, we had store credit at circut city, (didn't get the game for about a month after it came out, but i didn't really notice 'cause i was so busy with all the crap i gotta do) and i got my parents to buy it for me along with some candy 'cause we still had money left. as for how i got...
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    begginner, normal, or proud?

    i started on normal because i wanted a quick playthrough, you know, see the whole story and stuff. had to make sure i finished asap because i'm obsessive like that. i do both though. it doesn't seem to different, but i guess that's cause i played through once already and pretty much figured the...
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    Non-Disney Worlds

    okay, so we see all these threads about new disney world to put into the game, what non-disney world would you put into a kh game if you could? (i realize that that will never happen, but it's always fun to think of new idea's anyway) if you want to, you can just use the idea's of a non disney...
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    Fight with Luxord

    *note, you really don't need to read the stuff in parenthasis to help me. ok, i've beaten him before on my other game (which i so stupidly saved over with the one i was starting on proud mode, which i only realized after i was going to fight sepheroth, i was so pissed), the thing with the...
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    kh1 was a waste of time everbody!

    com was more or less a waste, especially because it was so short, but it was fun, and obsessive fans (me and my friends included in that statement) needed something, because many people were drooling waiting for kh2 to come out, and you can only stare at stuff from the origional game for so long...
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    should i buy it or pre order it

    i say, if it comes out before christmas or hanicka or whatever you celebrate, (sry, forgot how to spell it), then i would try to get someone else to get it as a presant for you, that's how i got kh, and if it comes out before christmas, that's how i'm gonna get it again. who cares if your the...
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    I cant believe that Atlantica is back!

    i don't like the swimming, i hated the swimming, it bugged me alot.
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    A theory concerning the Enigmatic Man

    i think leon and cloud were in the trailer in the se party, sry.
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    Farfetched KH2 theory, I want your opinion

    wow, i really like that. ( i did read the whole thing). i also agree that it would be disapointing to have it all be just a dream, but this is a really great theory. you obviously thought alot about this, ans it makes alot of it fit. go you. :)
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    i personally don't think she'll be back, but if she is, considerably less of a character, her part was played, and finished, she dosn't seem to have a point right now. we have the orginazation and hades to deal with, so i think she should stay lost forever.
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    well, she wasn't killed, in com it was stated in revers rebirth that she was sent to the deepest depths of darkness or something like that, and was unable to escape on her own.
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    BHK names; what I think

    yeah, i think kairi means separation, because if you remember, riku and sora were best friends, and thne kairi came t the island, and they fought over her, and sometimes to just see who was better. and kairi was the main reason that riku and sora began to not really like each other. (this is one...