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    The "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread - Euro Launch!

    I got mine last Friday. I was actually working at the post office at the time and I was sorting out the mail and and noticed that the game had been sent to me. I had pretty hard time not to scream out loud then :) (I guess my co-workers would have thought I had gone mad...). And I finished the...
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    Favorite Organization Member

    Either Demyx or Zexion (I voted for Demyx though). Reasons...? Well, um, I like Zexion's attitude because he's calm and stuff. And Demyx is just sort of adorable (eh...?) 'cause he seems a little "off" among all those "cool" people in the Organization. :p And his voice actor is really good.
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    About the intro song [May have spoilers?]

    Passion by Hikaru Utada
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    End of CoM

    Well, at least Gamefaqs has the complete gameplay script (endings included) for both Sora and Riku's story.
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    Hi there...

    I just thought I'd say hi to everyone because I'm a new one here... Hopefully you guys don't think me being too old to be here... :o Well, I can't really think of anything else to say, I just thought I'd give a quick introduction of myself...if you can call this an introduction :rolleyes...
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    What's your favorite KH song?

    I'd say Forze del Male, Guardando nel Buio, End of the World and March Caprice for Piano and Orchestra. And Hollow Bastion is good, too... And Spooks of Halloween Town :) And of course One Winged Angel is good too, though it's not on the "actual" soundtrack