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    kh2 fm question...

    hey, does the 5th org member have a data battle?? and if he does where is it?
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    mickey's letter

    hey guys, well i was just playing through my old kh2 files and i noticed that when you go to disney castle, there's a letter already written by mickey at the librari'es desk. i don't know if a thread like this has been started before, but i think that's the letter that kairi, sora, and riju get...
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    has anyone.....

    what what abilities did he had on level 12?? im gonna try and level him up =).
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    has anyone.....

    leveled up roxas in the beggining of kh2?? if so, till what level??
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    Does anyone have a collection of KH1 cutscenes?

    hope this helps ya http://kh-vids.net/?x=khcutscenes
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    when did you get final form

    yea i got it at the collisium too. can't remember what cup tho.
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    Create-a-KH2 toyline

    i saw the dukes of hazard, but wich one is rosco.
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    Create-a-KH2 toyline

    damn, already on your 3000 post, good man. anywayz, this is kind of weird.
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    Who was that one girl in KH2?

    how you gonna come to a kh2 forum and say ff is the best game in the world.:eek:
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    Who's hair is better?

    i like riku's hairstyle...
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    A Nother Version Of Simple And Clean Right Here <->

    it's the techno version of snc.
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    KH goes platinum

    don't worry,you are not the only one.
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    How do u get final form?

    use the collysium strategy......
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    ok, after all this time playing kh2 i was like "let me play kh1 and beat sephiroth" i turned it on, loaded, and i was like "what's wrong with the camera" but i remembered that it is like that on kh1, so i went to olympus and entered platinum match. before i got kh2 i used to beat sephiroth with...
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    reaction commands

    what reaction command did you like the most??? i liked the one when you start the final battle, the one with the skycrappers and duel stance.
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    Render works for KH2 RIKU??

    it doen't work.
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    Enigmatic Man!!!!!!!

    that makes sense.
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    I see Nobodies!

    how is it going to be riku, z-e-x-i-o-n.............r-i-k-u.......don't match.