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    Marluxia....giant noob?

    my thoughts exactly. he may no what he is doings....but he is the noob in the sense that he's an effeminate pretty boy haha
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    Marluxia....giant noob?

    mmmk well....seems like alot of people like murluxia
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    Marluxia....giant noob?

    noob is some faggot who knows nothing of what you are talking about but still thinks they know more about it than everyone else
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    Marluxia....giant noob?

    lol awkard indeed (((25 characters...)))
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    Marluxia....giant noob?

    nar buddy...he's hair was always pink
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    Marluxia....giant noob?

    murluxia....majorly cool or gaint noob??? i'm going with gaint noob. seriously, a pink haird guy how weilds a gaint pink sword-thingy and uses the power of flowers against you, as the main boss :confused:? my 1st reaction was "could'nt they have thought of a better boss?" anyways tell me if u...
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    The Most Important Person to Sora is...

    i think that there both equally important to him...but the circumstances under which Sora met them again where different...which created different reactions.
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    CoM Manga

    i no where u can read KH manga One Manga | Your online manga reader. Come read free manga online! and then just put it in the drop down menu...it only has a few chapters...but still you can check it out! theres also Kingdom hearts manga and Kingdom hearts 2 manga on there
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    The awesomeness of Tsubasa Chronicles!

    man oh man...i love this anime. its the best. my fav character is fay! i love it mean he makes kurogane angry...so funni anyone else love this anime???? if ya do whos ya fav character?
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    what i dont get about CoM

    Well roxas is "only half" of what sora is. So Roxas holds half of Roxas's power....so Roxas is never as powerful as Sora...and yeh lol
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    If you could...

    Probably the card system...oh how i dislike the card system. Sometimes its awesome fun but when us un-tactical ppl are stuck for a year on the Riku clone u start to wish it was just like the KH on normal Ps2.... so id probably give the players a choice to use the card system or not...and like...
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    lol reckon. have u seen his face in the offical artwork for KH FM+. creepy much?
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    it would have been ironic if u said "ice will always be cooler then fire..." coz ice is cold and....yeh u get it. lol i'm an idio... lol like when sora walks into Castle Oblivon and goes "looks like Nobody's home..." Its ironic because Nobodies live there! lol..yeh ill shutup now
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    two words for u BURN BABY!
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    I thought this game was pretty cool

    Copared to the other KH games CoM is extermely stratigical...which is kinda bad for me seeing that i kinda stuck a tad at stratigical games lol.... i thought its been the hardest out of the 3 so far i reckon. i Found myself having to do Boss battles a hell of alot of times
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    'sigs' and how do u set them up???!

    now everyone seems to have a sig. i want one. how do u set them up????????
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    Axel is the coolest by far....i adore axel Jin Satoru :)! CoM was a great game and all but the character Design made me Laugh! Marluxia and Vexen....ATTACK OF THE GIRLY MEN!!!!!!! run away or the pink haired man will kill u with his PINK flowers and That other guy over there Vexen..sounds like...
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    question for all ya's.

    again im sorry if theres already a thread out there like this...ill state it again...i dont no what the hell i'm doing lol :thumbup: annnyways getting back to the thing i was going to ask. whom out there has actually bought KH2 FM + ????? im assuming a heck of alot of u have...but anyways...
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    Axel or Demyx??

    i gots a question for ya'll. Alot of people seem to be stuck to whom is the cooler Character. Most ppl seem to like them both. But who do u think is the cooler one? i thought this would be interesting to see who everyone likes beta coz, me and all my friends who play the KH series adore Axel...
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    Vexen Good, bad or neutral?

    lol hahaha i thought u were being serious. Damn computers no good for showing sarcasim! lol