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    Team johnny cake

    Anybody know what happened to team johnny cake? Their website isnt up anymore and i cant find their youtubechannel.
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    Star wars vs. Indiana Jones

    Me and my friend were talking about movies the other day and got onto the topic of our favourite movies. I said Star wars is my favourite set of movies and he said Indiana Jones. wat started off as a civilised conversation turned into a full blown arguement. So i want u guys 2 tell me which 1 of...
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    Two Endings of Kingdom Hearts II

    maybe the door to light appearing is there because of their efforts in fighting the darkness
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    GREAT WAY TO LEVEL UP!.... do you think its cheatish!?

    a way to improve on that is 2 get urself down 2 critical health thenput on the gullwing keyblade. u get even more exp.
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    Omfg BBs!

    not much of a picture. barely resembles anything
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    just a thought

    you know how xehanort was found without his memories by ansem. and people reckon that xehanort is terra. well wat i was thinking was that maybe the terra that u can fight in kh2fm is the memories that terra left behind. tell mewat u think
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    terra fight item???

    i think its 1 of the crowns
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    Wat did u think of the battle against Sephiroth?

    compared 2 the fight in kh1 it was way 2 easy