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    Best voices

    hmmm, well riku's and DiZ's were great along with axel. actually, they were all good, but i hated aerith's and jasmine's...
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    Tidus and Wakka Nowhere in sight O.o?

    myeh, never really liked them anyways, the only importance they had were as sora's friends, and sora didn't return to the islands after kh1, so they weren't as important
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    What the hell is Utada Hikaru saying?!

    she is saying i need more affection than you know, or wonk ouy naht noitceffa erom deen i...it's just reversed
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    Did you got bored Of KH2 or do you still play it like you just got it?

    I've beaten the game on beginner and soon proud, but it got boring, so i'm waiting for kh3, so bored
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    Why do you hate Atlantica?

    Oh my goodness...I thought Atlantica was a freaking stupid world in both games. I hated the swimming in the first, and i could never get that stupid dolphin to let me grab onto it...and in the second, it's not so much the music [which was bad also, don't get me wrong] it's the fact that Sora, as...
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    Is It Just Me ??

    IMO, the cutscenes made it longer, but after i played through once i skipped all the scenes and i think it was easier, and i find myself wanting it more. it was still a good game overall
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    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, I have a great idea for our next dance party thing! We're gunna have it in destiny islands, and only me, you, riku and kairi are invited...now go to the secret place, that's where we're having it, and setup. By the way, the theme is sexy dirty dancing... Yours Truly, King Mickey...
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    roxas struggle-setzer's chicken wing*possible spoiler*

    Ohhh.....i get it now...yay no more confusion....oh and by the way what happens if you lose to him?
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    roxas struggle-setzer's chicken wing*possible spoiler*

    yah but's what's "my life is a chipping of pie" supposed to mean?
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    roxas struggle-setzer's chicken wing*possible spoiler*

    ohhhh...okay...that's still weird though...
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    roxas struggle-setzer's chicken wing*possible spoiler*

    not sure, but just to be safe is it just me, or when you start the struggle battle (playing as roxas) with setzer, setzer says "my life is a chicken wing" ? i was playing today and i thought he said that
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    DD/ASAS unknowns?

    thanks! i never thought that glowing-eye would be roxas though...
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    DD/ASAS unknowns?

    have they all been revealed? i know bhk/dwu is roxas, and blindfolded in riku, and they one that looks like the king is the king. but what about the rest?
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    Ending to KH1

    I just finished KH for like the fifteenth time, but i can never see what happens after the credits because my KH disc is messed up. i unlocked the asas movie, but i already saw that online. my problem is that i can't see what happens between asas and the credits.