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  1. Z

    is there anything after

    okay i still cant find any of these things
  2. Z

    is there anything after

    oh okay thanks MARCH 28 cant wait
  3. Z

    is there anything after

    hey is there anything after u beat riku and sora story cuase im done
  4. Z

    Create your own card.

    the name:copycat effect:it would make two other of your main charcter and they would help fight whatever your fighting ends: after 45 attacks
  5. Z

    Help with end of Sora CoM (BLUE 1 CARD)

    dude check your map cards u might have to use some map cards
  6. Z

    Is it possable?

    dude that would be awsome but it wont happen at least not for a while
  7. Z

    Create your own card.

    how do i create my own card
  8. Z

    Sora vs Riku

    hey tell me who's better Sora or Riku myself i like Riku better im he way cooler