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    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, DANCE PARTY!!!!!! *everyone in the game comes out to dance.* -Love micky Sora: COOL *starts to do the worm* Riku:.... Kirai: *starts to dirty dance*
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    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, After a "Accient" involving alchemy *hears goofy and Donald screaming in background* The Organization is back and now they can't die . oh, and their coming to kill you! have a nice day. -love Micky
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    micky help me kill xaldin 0-o

    Yeah i didn't know either^^;;, and Micky's been helping me some in Proud mode infact he's helped me 2 times so far
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    Fanfiction ► the pain of death

    This is a fic about Ansem the Wise's wife and her thoughts about what happened before she died at the hands of "heartless" Ansem. I was a queen... I was loved... I was important to someone... Me and my husband where happy to together, I loved the way he'd look me in the eyes and tell me he...