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  1. chefdiz19

    Creator's Video: Mr. Nomura discusses KH3

    Not sure if this was already found but here it is anyways :) Nomura to Discuss Kingdom Hearts III in Playstation 4 Conversations with Creators Video - Kingdom Hearts Ultimania
  2. chefdiz19

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Promo poster

    They switched this one out with one nearly identical, it just doesn't have the art-book ad on it. I got my name on the new poster for when they take it down. Super excited. Someone already had the FF XIV/ FF X+X-2 hd remaster standee reserved. I would like to have gotten it to give to someone...
  3. chefdiz19

    Nomura on the porting of KH3 and FF XV

    ‘Final Fantasy XV’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ director talks Direct X11 development - National Video Game News | Examiner.com
  4. chefdiz19

    Gamestop giving KH some love

    Re: Gamestop giving KH some love. Thats definitely a fix I'm looking for in 3. Worlds that have more than 5 people. haha, Twilight Town is just a weird ghost town :)
  5. chefdiz19

    Gamestop giving KH some love

    Gamestops redone their KH 1.5 ReMix page. Nothing new but really cool to see them show KH the thumbs up! :) KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX for PlayStation 3 | GameStop
  6. chefdiz19

    Should I be worried about sending it through the mail?

    Thank you for thanking them haha. You have no idea how much it means to me to see people be courteous on the internet :biggrin:
  7. chefdiz19

    News ► The World Ends With You 6th Anniversary Event!

    Not very often is a 6th anniversary special so somthings up. :)
  8. chefdiz19

    Birth by Sleep's graphics in 2.5

    I agree, especially in 3D for me, you can get across the 1st district in like 2 jumps.
  9. chefdiz19

    Birth by Sleep's graphics in 2.5

    I want the Incredibles so bad in the next game haha
  10. chefdiz19

    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- iPhone 5 Case! (Updated!)

    I wish they would release some merchandise outside Japan, Hottopic barely has anything anymore, I also wish this was for the Droid Razr M haha :)
  11. chefdiz19

    My KH Series died

    My coffee maker just peed all over all of my Kingdom Hearts cases. UUUGGHGHGHG
  12. chefdiz19

    Birth by Sleep's graphics in 2.5

    I personally think BBS had better graphics than Peace Walker (Except the crossroads lol). I believe that because this remix will be easier than 1.5 because none of the data is lost, that we know of, there can be more time spent on beautifying it. Or adding 3D. Sorry but I want 3D included SO...
  13. chefdiz19

    Birth by Sleep's graphics in 2.5

    Peace walker has some of the best graphics for the psp, but when on the console you look at a tree and it's made out of a triangle haha, I'm mainly saying that I want the graphics quality to transition well to the PS3. But if they did a full overhaul of the graphics they'd get no complaints from...
  14. chefdiz19

    Birth by Sleep's graphics in 2.5

    Good, that was my thinking too, I love BBS so I want it to have the most upgraded graphics.
  15. chefdiz19

    Birth by Sleep's graphics in 2.5

    I just watched a video of the Metal Gear Solid Peace walker HD remake and, I'm really hoping BBS ends up looking better. The HD version of MGSPW looks like it's for the psp but just ported to the new system, I'm just hoping that Square-Enix will do a better job on the graphic overhaul of BBS...
  16. chefdiz19

    Xemnas and Xehanort's Heartless eyes and a few other questions

    The XH that Riku talks to is the heart that makes up XH. He doesn't have a body which is why he manipulates riku.
  17. chefdiz19

    The series in it's entirety

    Especially with Axel and Kairi being Keyblade wielders, seeing as it was barely hinted at in 2.
  18. chefdiz19

    Where will you start with 2.5?

    I'm going to play through the entire series in total chronological order, including switching between TAV in BBS/ and 358/2 Days and Re:Com
  19. chefdiz19

    The series in it's entirety

    I know so many people who have lost interest in the series because of the platform hopping which I think is really sad, so I'd like to see all the games on the ps3, which is very accessible. I especially want it because 3D has so much to offer in terms of story and character development. A...
  20. chefdiz19

    The series in it's entirety

    Does anyone else REALLY want 3D to be included in 2.5 as at least a theater. They are doing these HD collections which is amazing but I really dislike that the entire series except one game will be on the same system. 3D is really new so I totally understand why they probably won't include it...