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  1. KeyToNothing

    COL Glitched? (Song list spoiler?)

    So I'm trying to obtain a full chain on Circle Of Life on Beginner before moving onto Standard. However, it seems button presses aren't registering sometimes when attacking Surveillance Bots, specifically after the gliding section. (For reference, it's the ones that appear during the chorus)No...
  2. KeyToNothing

    Ending cutscene with Sora, Donald and Goofy

    One thing that does confuse me as well is that Twilight Town is supposed to be the tutorial again. In this case, will an event take place that forces us to stop at TT?
  3. KeyToNothing

    Hardest/Easiest Org Mushroom?

    Which Org Mushroom have you had the most trouble dealing with in your playthroughs and which were the easiest? In my platinum run, I had the most trouble with Number 8, so many times I got it to 83 before I would miss. Number 2 and 3 are close behind. Easiest for me were Numbers 5 and 11. Once...
  4. KeyToNothing

    Assault Of The Dreadnought

    So the last gummi ship I need to get is the one through mission 3. I can get to the boss but then I die. I have a donut ship as suggested with 3 regens, auto life and counter and drain. Does drain activate automatically or do I need to press a button to activate it? My current weapons are 3...
  5. KeyToNothing

    How far am I in-game?

    You're close to the end. You'll need to head through Assault Of The Dreadnought (Gummi route) to get back to Twilight Town and go through TWTNW from there.
  6. KeyToNothing

    Leon Theory

    I recently completed KH1 again and during this current playthough I noticed something which could perhaps be tied together come KH3. In the library in Hollow Bastion after sealing the keyhole, you get the opportunity to talk to Leon a few times. He eventually says he won't use his real name...
  7. KeyToNothing

    The Road To Platinum

    So because I'm insane, I've decided to platinum KH2. I've gone for a standard mode playthrough and currently have 88% of the trophies so far, I'm feeling confident in getting 100% fairly soon. However, after giving the gummi missions a go, I know I'm going to struggle, particularly with mission...
  8. KeyToNothing

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation Destiny Islands would be great as it was the first world many of us explored, or at least the home islands to an extent, but it could be doubtful. Shibuya. I imagine it'll happen because of DDD and despite never playing TWEWY...
  9. KeyToNothing

    Young Xehanort Glitch (SPOLIERS)

    So this happened to me twice. While fighting YX in TWTNW, he just disappeared from the map during the first phase. Reset the console and try again. The next time this happens again but during the clock phase, once again, Xehanort disappeared leaving me stranded. Is this a common glitch? I...
  10. KeyToNothing

    Final Xemnas Glitch Fixed???

    So I just got done with the Final Xemnas fight. During the fight, each reversal command worked perfectly (Even after I died) I guess with the recent patch, the glitch doesn't occur as much? I have yet to find out if others have had the same success. For reference, this was regular Final...
  11. KeyToNothing

    Your favourite bosses

    Hi guys, now with KH, we always have at least 1 boss we HATE to fight...but what ones do you enjoy? This is just for KH2 bosses I enjoy the 2nd Axel fight, Blizzard/Volcano Lord, Jafar, Sark/MCP, 1000 Heartless (I include it because of how epic it feels) Roxas and Xemnas 1. How about you guys?
  12. KeyToNothing

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    The MAX abilities are indeed better than Level 3. It's more noticeable with High Jump or Glide. It would be nice to have the MAX abililties on Sora's normal form, but we can't have everything haha.
  13. KeyToNothing

    Roxas: How does he wield specifically Oblivion and Oathkeeper?

    I always thought it was to symbolise Sora's connection to Riku and Kairi myself. However, when trying to theorize KH, it hurts my brain. That's what I think anyway.
  14. KeyToNothing

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Oh trust me, it's even worse when you're out of MP and you can't do anything. Just be on your guard :)
  15. KeyToNothing

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    One thing I did notice, it seems to me that you go into Anti Form a lot more frequently now. During my initial playthrough, I went into Anti Form 11 times with a further 2 more times when completing the data battles and levelling. I'm not sure on the statistics of the counter itself however so...
  16. KeyToNothing

    Leveling up early?

    Another good tactic is to get the EXP Walker and EXP Chance abilities. EXP Walker grants you a point for each step you take, but doesn't count if you use dash, dodge roll or cartwheel. EXP Chance doubles experience gained when hp is below 50% To get EXP Walker easily, meld Blizzard and Aero...
  17. KeyToNothing

    Possible keyblades

    As we're aware, Sora may (Potentially) be using Master Eraqus' keyblade. Do you think we'll be able to use other keyblades from BBS? What other keyblades would you like to see? Personally I'd like to be able to use Earth Shaker or Chaos Ripper. I also think using Wayward Wind would be...
  18. KeyToNothing


    I thought as much haha. I'll be starting standard soon enough.
  19. KeyToNothing


    Is it just me or is Sora a lot stronger in this version? I choose the struggle bat and the sword at the beginning of the game and have been beating bosses with ease. Even the normal Roxas fight at TWTNW was a cakewalk. In the original version of the game, it would take me longer, but I was able...
  20. KeyToNothing

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    I'm loving it so far. I've only played KH2 at the moment but I've already completed all the cups. (Did the Hades Paradox Cup in one try, which is a fantastic achievement) I've got all the crown pieces, beaten Sephiroth, got through the cavern of remembrance and Sora is level 95. All that's left...