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    Space Paranoids

    Was the background music based on a track from the original Tron soundtrack, or is it a melody make up by Shimomura?
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    Dissidia and kingdom hearts

    I would agree, Kingdom Hearts characters aren't Final Fantasy characters, even though both series are heavily affiliated.
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    Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    hvL9TOUuDb8 The character limit.
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    Zack isn't Sephiroth, have you played Crisis Core?
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    Help me identify this character.

    Does anyone know who this character is or where he's from?
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    Does Terra have High Jump?

    Nevermind, I found the answer.
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (Japanese Custom Cover)

    Once again, I made a custom cover, in Japanese for Birth By Sleep. "Throavium", is my art Pseudonym You can see more here. VGBoxArt - Throavium's Page
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    Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Japanese Custom Cover)

    I made a custom cover art using Photoshop CS5, for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a game that hasn't even had much media coverage at all, let alone resources. All of the Japanese text was translated using an online translator, (the best I could do). If you guys want to print this out, (doubt it)...
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    why do so many people dislike 358/2 days

    I dislike it because it's extremely repetitive.
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    Birth By Sleep Special edition confirmed for over 12 countries!

    Hmm, not sure if I want so many arts.
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    Site-ripped videos

    Sorry, I deleted the videos from the YouTube account, because plain and simply, they weren't getting many views.
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    Help/Support ► I need to leave a website

    Yes, I need all of the luck I can get.
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    Help/Support ► I need to leave a website

    I appreciate the help, although the website isn't this one, I just joined a month ago.
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    Help/Support ► I need to leave a website

    My reason of visiting the website is strictly based on constantly trying to gain the acceptance of others, which is the most endless, pointless thing to do on the internet. But I can't stop it.
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    Help/Support ► I need to leave a website

    I have a small problem at the moment. I need to leave a certain website, but no matter how hard I try, I find myself logging on to it everyday. This website has taken over my life, and I've gotten nothing from it, part of the more major negative occurrences in my life in the past 13 months...
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    Site-ripped videos

    I guess I forgot to actually post the videos. YouTube - Bootlem's Channel
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    Site-ripped videos

    Re: BBS videos I uploaded them here if anyone wants to view them. Hopefully you don't mind.
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    Site-ripped videos

    Re: BBS videos Thank you for your hard work.
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    Vanitas unmasked!?!?!?!? SPOILER (obviously)

    Meh, I can roll with that.
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    New Screenshots- Enchanted Dominion

    I thought it was impossible for a person to post something new, since everyone loves to blast in and say, "those pics are old, and you fail at life". Thanks for sharing.