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    Wow! Got this game last week and it Blew my expectations!

    I was very satisfied with the game, although I got it a few days after it came out, and I was a little unsure, but I was sitting on the couch playing it for hours I was addicted.
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    Wow! Got this game last week and it Blew my expectations!

    For a gameboy advance game it was really awesome. I can't wait for all the new games to come out for the handheld systems.
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    About Saix and Xigbar's ears...

    It's because they think they're awesome...and so need pointy ears to define that :thumbup:
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    Ven, a memory? A thought that I had...

    This theory is one of the few that actually has some sense. I like it!
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    khfm2+ in america or at least how to try

    It's a nice idea, but what if we send the money, and the game still doesn't come. We wasted $20
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    has anyone played 358/2 days

    I wish I got to go and play it. But sadly I haven't :(
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    Jiminys Journal: Hades Paradox Cup. Immpossible? Yes. Yes it is.

    What you should do is play it in Proud mode, it may be more difficult but you don't have to complete Jiminy's Journal.