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    Mistake in Jiminy's Journal

    They explained this in game sort of. After you meet Mickey for the second time in Hollow Bastion, a whole slew of new information becomes available. The same goes for when Sora enters twtnw. A lot more information becomes available for the reason that Sora is now closer to where Roxas was. The...
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    has anyone.....

    I got Roxas up to about level 10 before going off and switching over to Sora. One note: Unless you want to go completely mad fighting Seifer over and over, stay in the Station of Serenity and beat all of the dusks for awhile. They at least drop money and sometimes potions. As for abilities, by...
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    Hmm, stupidest thing I did while playing CoM... Trying to fight those large bodies from the front. I didn't realize that I had to hit them from behind until I did it by a fluke. Whoops.
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    Jobs in Twlighttown....

    For the bees, I waited until I had Thundaga, went into the game, and thundered all of the bees to death. You'll kill them all in under 10 seconds. Poster duty: Like I_luv_square said, you need to have all four forms and the abilities outside of the forms all need to be level 2 at the very...
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    How long did you guys wait

    I'm a relative newbie to all things KH. I only started playing the games in April so I guess I didn't wait too long. :D
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    what do you do

    Some of the minigames were tough in TT, but it gets easier to do some of them after leveling up your forms and magic. As for what I like to do just for fun with the game, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I'll just pull up an old boss battle, such as the 1000 heartless,or Axel vs. Roxas. Or...
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    where to buy kh2 novel?

    Also, if you happen to find that the book is not on the shelf, you can order it online from Barnes and Noble, Borders, or even Amazon. Or, if you do not have a credit card, your local bookstore should be able to order it for you. I hope you can find it!
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    Final Form?

    Ug, I will never try to get final form in the middle of an Organization battle again. I tried twice in the battle with Xigbar and anti-formed both times. Yikes! After that, I just stood by a save point and kept driving until I got it. :D