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    Dream theory(rewritten:BBS enemys)

    k pple now have been speculating bout the new enemy in BBS(and i thk its been confirmed that there not heartless?)i think its intirelly different for examples their emblem is different,they look nightmarish soooo im thinking what if there something that we may never even think of like...
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    Dream theroy????? (Birth by Sleep)

    LOL SH is alike like tis >_> scary!
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    Dream theroy????? (Birth by Sleep)

    that is scary is sorta soundin like FFX where the fayth dreamed of Tidus n soon after he deafeated Sin he disappered hmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe thts how Ven was made!!!! hmmmmmmmm???????????:closedeyes: >o> now i have major headache for thinking too much
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    Dream theroy????? (Birth by Sleep)

    wow! thks guys for your suggestions i really didnt think any1 would like my theroy,well it is birth by sleep so it got me thinking how the enemies if not heartless how did they come? perhaps through dreams or nightmeres that perhaps negative feelings suggets nightmaric enemies and pleasant...
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    Dream theroy????? (Birth by Sleep)

    i got a theroy that what if the enemies(since i thk it was confirmed that there not heartless)if not pure heartless of somsort were something else that is probly never possible,but what if the enemies in BBS were created in a dream or a certain nightmare,that was strong enough to escape into...
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    thoughts of the Timeless River being in the next game?

    ive been having thoughts if the timeless river is going to be in the next game cause every1s talking about the next kh game(not kh3) is going to be about something else like about memories. if it is then likely then Timeless River is going to be in the next kh game cause: 1.in it there is the...
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    Secret Ansem Report 0.

    though all the reports talk about heartless,and nobodys but what about report 0. no one has actully talked about it and i think it might be important for the next game or it talks about the three knights or something else makes me wonder:closedeyes::idea:
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    The new enemys

    does anyone know what the new enemys are? monkey butt said there were like 11 new bosses and enemys or something like that on the forum and if so can anyone posts pictures of them
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    The strange voice?

    how many miss the strange vioce in kh2 that only talked to Roxas in the game and never talked for the whole game I mean in kh he talked to sora and at the end he did when sora was going to fight Ansem not only that but it seems it should of gone with the game:idea:
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    Secret Ending:higher quality

    I made a thread about this and only got one reply saying that the vid I showed had higher quality what do u guys think MySpace Videos: Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix Full Ending - KH3 Preview by ~Nmaster~ also I think u have to be a member of Myspace to see the movie I think
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    higher quilty?

    :unsure: is this a higher quality version of the secret ending I cant tell MySpace Videos: Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix Full Ending - KH3 Preview by ~Nmaster~
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    Organization Data Battle Videos

    I seen all the vids of the Org. members fights in their data and the guy who played them made them look easy(I dont know for sure) and it was in critical mode and can someone help me how to show the link I dont know how to do that yet oh and its how to show a thread
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    Org. disscusion?

    is this a new scene or is it old I dont know YouTube - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix - New Scene - Org 13 Discussion
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    The mushroom, The Nobody,and the knight sphere

    I know that u get the Mushroom sphere from the final showdown with the mushroomns and the keyblade sphere(I called it the knight one)from the knight I dont know how you get the nobody sphere maybe from refighting all the Org. members u get it.
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    The mushroom, The Nobody,and the knight sphere

    do u guys think that the mushroom,nobody,and the knight might do somthing with the crowns like: mushroon=bronze nobody=silver knight=gold
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    KH2FM+ Instructional Booklet

    DOGENis more than a GOD she is above all other Gods
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    The Org. fights

    jkust think what the org. fights are going to be about we all know that some fights will be difficult for some examples: Xemnas=we do not know yet Xaldin=we do not know yet Xigbair=we do not know yet Vexen=he will have a data bar that gos up to 5 that makes a dark sora/anti sora Lexaus=he will...
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    the 3rd being

    People on the forums have been talking about the 3rd being if there even is one,people have been talking about the crown that roxas draws is the chasers or so. but the piont is that who ever wants to post theroys of the third being post here. p.s.if a mod see's this please sticky it...
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    Crown side-quest! What do you think of it?

    I really like the crown side quest it be fun like the trinities except easier cause you sorta needed glide and high jump to reach some and learn new new trinities,so yeah
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    Limit Form: just a thought

    I wonder is there other abilities in limit form like:ars arcanium,and sonic blade