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    Unknown on new cover (thoery)

    Maybr the unknown on the cover for kh2 is Ansem. i mean, it would make sense. now that we know Ansem waers an org. cloak, and Diz is his shell, it could be showing his two sides.
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    hey, does anyone know of a good website to download all of the kh1 cutscenes?
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Jap Site updated

    thanx, i apprecite it.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Jap Site updated

    whats the name of he site?
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Jap Site updated

    umm..., which site is this?
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    how to choose?

    how do u think we will be able to choose wich drive form we want. i mean do you have to press a certain button, or get a certain amount of those yellow balls at one time? hit me back(just dont flame me if someone thought of this already).
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    drive forms

    i dont know if someone mentioned this already or not, but did anyone notice, that in some of the trailers where sore goes into valor form, that goofy is not in his party?(i.e. aladdin level; him, aladdin and donald) so maybe that means that the person you fuse with, doent have to be in your...
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    sora's clothes=AC?

    sorry, it was just a thought.
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    kh final mix

    um..., how did most of you guys play kh final mix? i read threds about it, and im lost. a little help please:(
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    sora's clothes=AC?

    hey, you kno, maybe soras clothes dont have anything to do with the game, maybe he just has those clothes to go along with the whole AC thing? i dont, maybe.
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    Sora evil?

    thats pretty good, l dontt really thnik he would go evil, although in one of the trailers, mickey says that he will never forgive..., um, someone, i dont know if it was sora or not, but if it was, then maybe sora does go evil, who knows? and if he does, mickey could be the final boss:eek:
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    kh2, for psp?

    i like the idea(of cousre, i posted it!!!!), but why not have kh2 come out on psp, even if it does have a few xtra disks. i know if i were to go on a long ass road trip, id want somthing to play, and what better than kh2?
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    kh2, for psp?

    do you guys think that kh2 will come out for psp?
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    i dont know if somone thought of this already, but, i think i figured out why bhk can wield a keyblade. well, hes sora's shell, right, and if sora can wield a keyblade, why not bhk?
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    sora's clothes

    i just noticed, in one of the trailers, sora is wearing his clothes from kh1 while hes talking to that wizard guy. maybe we start off the game in our old clothes, and then we meet someone that shows us the good in twilight, and gives us the new clothes as a sign of our new knowlegde. anyway...
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    Final Boss?

    i think that mickry could be the final boss, remember in one of the trailers he told sora that he could never forgive him, that just might be a hint that he is the final boss.
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    Master Form!

    sry for the double post, but i just thought of somthing, is sora flying in that pic, or is it just me?
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    Master Form!

    if you look at the upper right hand corner of the picture, u will see wat looks t b another oblivion.
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    i dont kno if id come bak on, i mean, wanna kno more about the game, but i dont kno if its enough to read to find out what goes on.
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    ANOTHER realease date?

    i would like to know when kh2 IS really coming out, i cant take much more:eek: