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    Online Multiplayer (not Local)

    There's already a topic on how to access Mirage Arena online with Adhoc Party, just so you know.
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    Why is Aqua so popular?

    I quite like how the thread's rather gone from discussing why Aqua is so ever-growingly popular, into how Aqua would potentially escape the RoD and what-not. :P
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    Why is Aqua so popular?

    I have to agree, the amount of hate laid on Xion is way too much. She's actually quite a good character, IMO.
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    Why is Aqua so popular?

    That picture above is going straight into my Pictures folder. =P Anyway, the previously mentioned reasons - particularly Aqua's breasts when referring to the male fandom... *ahem*, but that's beside the point - they pretty much sum up why Aqua is so popular. But other than that, she's popular...
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    The World of Chaos blue sphere, anyone knows what it is?

    Uhmm.. as much as I like how well thought out this is, I think that little sphere was just the aftermath of the explosion. It COULD be the "core" of World of Chaos, should it actually possess one, but I doubt that it would linger there prior to the destruction, and explosion of the WoC. And...
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    Mirage Arena Leveling, help!?

    I don't think you need to beat them outside the Mirage Arena; I completed all the Command Boards inside the Arena and was still able to play the Secret Board without playing CB at all during the Story. But yeah, the Boards need to be completed as well in order to Unlock the final few Arena Matches.
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    Mirage Arena Leveling, help!?

    As Crystal said, did you complete the trio's stories yet? Unlocking the Clear Data once all the scenarios have been cleared actually unlocks one or two extra Arena Mode matches; one being "A Time to Chill", and the other, whose name escapes me, involves you fighting the Cursed Carriage at the...
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    Is it just me or is BBS FM even easier than BBS?

    It's called Crown Unlimit, which sounds like an odd name for a Keyblade, in my opinion. Also, I only think the game only got easier because of Rhythm Mixer, which is almost as over-powered as Mega-Flare was.
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    Needing some hints for Mysterious Figure

    The Thunder Surge strategy is probably what you want to stick to, although I recommend you take 2x Curagas away and replace them with another pair of Thunder Surges, since with Renewal Block you don't really need that many, and you should probably set one of the Curagas as your shortcut for easy...
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    How can Riku perform the MoM exam without a Keyblade?

    Well, I like to think about it like this: If Soul Eater was used as an intermediary for Way to the Dawn, then Soul Eater is just a incomplete form of Way to the Dawn. Although rather than thinking of it as an incomplete form, I consider it more of a "downgraded version" of Way to the Dawn, and...
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    How can Riku perform the MoM exam without a Keyblade?

    Hearts are released whenever Emblem Heartless are defeated with a Keyblade. Riku defeats Heartless with it up until Soul Eater's change into Way to the Dawn, and every time a heart is released. Also, I don't know what I'm talking about in that case, to answer your question. :P
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    How can Riku perform the MoM exam without a Keyblade?

    Just because it doesn't have a Keychain doesn't mean it can't be/isn't a Keyblade. The ones in the Keyblade Graveyard don't have Keychains either, but they're still Keyblades, and TAV's Keyblades didn't have Keychains until BbS was announced and screenshots were shown, but we still called them...
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    How can Riku perform the MoM exam without a Keyblade?

    Calling Soul Eater a sword doesn't make much of a difference as to whether or not it's a Keyblade, as ALL Keyblades are technically swords, just with unique properties. Soul Eater was the intermediary to Way to the Dawn, so it was only half a Keyblade, but it's still a Keyblade none-the-less...
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    How can Riku perform the MoM exam without a Keyblade?

    Well, Soul Eater is technically a Keyblade, it just lacks a Keychain. Besides, should they choose to add it into the game, Riku could always use Way to the Dawn.
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    What does it mean by....

    Some System Sectors in the game have a challenge that requires you to play at night. I actually accepted one of these while playing at 6am, and it was dark out; I immediately failed it and wasted half of the SP I had. *facepalm*
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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    Ugh, first I find out about Final Fantasy XIII-2, now Birth by Sleep Vol. 2? I think I need to sit down from the shock that I have ordained over the course of the past hour. But yeah, either the story's about to get even more complex than it already is, or Nomura just found another excuse to...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    It's Destati -Dive Into the Heart- from the album "Drammatica - The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura".
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    ...I don't think any words in the dictionary could possibly express the way I'm feeling about this trailer right now. It truly is absolutely amazing. I almost cried out of excitement when I saw it, and Destati really flowed with the pace of the gameplay in the trailer. XD Watching Riku jumping...