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    voice actor

    That is a possibility, I mean she is still a Disney girl after all, same as Lidsey Lohan lol
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    the offical kh2 age rating

    I don't think you know what you're talking about. Why would their morals be any different to other countries regarding sexually explicit material? I stayed in Japan for almost 1 month as an exchange student when i was 14 and saw no instance of hentai being made available to minors. Legally anyway.
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    If I buy Jap version.....

    You can get the swap magic disc for less than $50 HERE Mod chips usually cost a little bit over $100. It's kinda stressful to install and you might screw up your ps2 if you do it wrong too. I'd wait until march anyway. Why would you waste your time struggling to understand such an interesting...
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    ps2 emulator and kh2

    It is illegal and I wouldnt recomment it. Besides, like Niemand said the ps2 emulators that are out at the moment simply arent advanced enough to play commercial games. Let alone a game which has yet to be released.
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    #1-The girl in pink #2-Partners

    It most likely is Kairi. I mean, the whole pleated skirt thing is just her school uniform. She doesn't have to wear it all the time. Even BHK has different clothes other than the ones he usually wears. In one scene where it looks like he's sitting in his bedroom, hes wearing shorts and a t-shirt...
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    Has anyone noticed that Roxas name is just the letters of Soras name jumbled around with and 'x' thrown in? What are everyones thoughts on this?