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    Another Dive??

    haha I know what day it is but I think this might be serious. I can only read a little bit of japanese and I know it says something about Xehanort and Eraqus, but I don't know for sure. wasn't there more about this rumor a few months ago? well, we'll see. Someone translate it pleaase! Forgot to...
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    If KH2 had trophies/achievements

    Of everything listed, I think this one would be the most hard to accomplish. [/lmao]
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    second set of joke weapons

    ;D That'd be awesome of you~
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    Mickey's role

    Y'know, Mickey's role really wasn't that big. His presence on the cover art does seem a little pointless. ...Oh well, Mickey is hella cute.
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    (SPOILERS 358/2 Days) Secret Reports Translated

    The very first time I read it, I honestly thought "Demyx" until I got to the end when it said Xion took her hood off ;o Lul, the childish and jealous inner self of Axel is very amusing~
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    (SPOILERS 358/2 Days) Secret Reports Translated

    This sounds kind of like Axel is talking; I don't recall Xion showing her face to anyone but Roxas and Axel.
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    Riku of Xion

    I didn't mind fighting Riku~ Xion was incredibly annoying.
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    Aquas Keyblade

    Aqua = dancing fight-style Terra = brute strength fight-style Ven = speedy fight-style That's how I tend to think of the way they fight, as for 'powers' it'd be pretty similar [only difference being Aqua = magic] ...Spellbinder and Aqua's keyblade are really only similar in coloration. Not...
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    second set of joke weapons

    Lol, I want the mystery gear~ I wonder what it's stats are.
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    Xigbar, Demyx, Luxord, Xion

    Xigbar - zig+bar Demyx - dem+ex Luxord - lukksord Xion - shi+on Roxas - ro+ha xD Lulz, there was a Philippine president[or something of equal status] whose name was Roxas and it's pronounced "ro+ha" or "ro+has". ...But i like Roxas being said like "rocks+os". Anyway, there's my bit. Though...
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    Terra Battle

    So, has anyone beaten Terra yet? If you have, mind posting your Sora's stats? I've leveled up as high as I can go, but with no results of a defeated Terra ._.
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    Demnyx is modeled after...

    the expressions on their faces are similar and eyebrow formation
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    Birth By Sleep Jump Festa 2008 Trailer English Subbed

    did an okay job aligning bittermeat's translations
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    vens key

    is called style! [lul] but yes, i too think his keyblade is a weird one.
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    "He looks a lot like you."

    In opening parts of KH2, the scene where Xemnas is talking to Roxas, and the exchange of words go something like: Xem.: "You have arrived." "I've been to see him. He looks a lot like you." Roxas: "Who are you?" [no audio] Xem.: "I'm whats left, or maybe I'm all there ever was." Roxas: "I...