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    He was Ansem ( Video )

    YouTube - KH2- He Was Ansem (Sanctuary Reversed) I thought I'd share this, interesting, video. It's quite creepy and makes one question itself, is it intentional or just coincidence?
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    Cave of Rememberance Help

    Eh, I'm kind of stuck at the cave of rememberance ( remenbrance? ), after the first room where there are two puzzle pieces you go through a door and after walking a bit there are two "ballons" that fill your drive bar and a large gap that I supose you have to glide through. My problem is that...
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    FM + Ability List

    I don't know japanese at all and that's not stopping me from playing the game, in fact, my major problem as to do with the skills... it's quite bad if I don't know which skill to equip because I can't read their names nor descriptions. Is there any list of skills in the order you get them in the...
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    Help me a bit <3

    Mods, feel free to close this topic after I receive the help I need. So, I got my copy of Final Mix + today and it thankfully works..only black and white and not colours, I think it's because of the cable that connects the tv to the playstation, but I'm not very sure o-o Help.
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    What if? o-o

    Gah, I was reading through the Final Mix + release date threads and got wondering, what if they decide to release the game in North America/Europe/outside Japan but the mix + and Re: CoM as TWO DIFFERENT games? You know, that'd be much for expensive O.o It'd be a very blatant way of trying to...
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    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    To me it's the same seing how I'm going to import it in japanese anyway ( despite not understanding the language, I prefer to take the chance than to never getting to play it ) but it's STUPID from them not to release the game in the US/Europe, mainly because of CoM and all the changes that have...
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    Compatibility [ Quick Question ]

    Ahem, I'm from Europe and since I truly believe this game ( KH II Final Mix + ) won't probably ever reach the US and the chances of it coming out here are even smaller I'm considering ordering a copy from Japan ( I don't think I can live without playing the PS2 version of CoM 8D ) so my question...