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    Problems with the PSP

    If anyone could, could you help me with these questions and whatever? (1) I don't know if it's just me or what, but recently, my friend and I can't go on the internet on our PSP's anymore. Once the connection is successful, it says that a DSN error has occurred(?). And I doubt that it's because...
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    My Spiderman 3 Review. I believe you'll all agree.

    Here is my summery of Spiderman 3: Pros: 1)Black suit was AWESOME! 2)Venom looked cool! 3)It was sad when Peter and Mary Jane broke up :'( 4)The Spiderman and New Goblin duo team up fight ROCKED! 5)The Peter vs. Harry fight ROCKED HARDER! When Peter blew Harry's face up, I kinda laughed...
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    Star door

    Re: star door The one in Traverse Town, right? You have to use Thunder on the cords(make sure to lock-on). I don't know if that opens it, but something happened, I remember. I haven't been on that game for years.
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    Help/Support ► ...Oh crap...

    I'm hearing alot of people saying to completely not get to know your friend ex, but its partially ok if you're friends. It's not that bad, but the going out with her part = X.X(unless you're friend says it's ok, then you can go out with her.)-- erm...that's not how you quote people -.-,. This...
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    Help/Support ► ...Oh crap...

    1. Dude, you don't go out with your best friend girlfriend, even when they break up, it's disrespectful and it's going to make her look like a whore. 2. Don't worry about the church thing. My friend got a girlfriend that goes to church and they meet(except they broke up) but they still hang out...
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    Mind Blowing Theories! Read!

    I think that the soldiers in Birth by Sleep are from the past. Here are my theories: 1. In KH2, Minnie said that the Cornerstone of Light was placed to keep evil out, EDIT:which means the whole issue with the Cornerstone was a result of the trailer somehow. 2. When you saw Mickey, he was...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Attains Greatest Hits Status!

    YAY! I'm so surprized! (not) KH2 rocks, there's no reason for it not to be a Greatest Hit. Although, I don't like buying games that are Greatest Hits editions. It makes the game seem...old, and it ruins the box art, just like when I broke my KH1, I had to get a new one with the Greatest Hit mark...
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    Larxene 2

    You don't use cards like that in your deck! You use sleights! Have a bunch of sleights in the begining of your deck and sleight like crazy. There is a sleight that I like alot in RE:CoM(if that's what your talking about), it goes: Stop, Attack card, Attack Card. If I were you, I would put alot...
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    Naminé : Kairi's Nobody?

    I know for a fact the Naminé is Kairi's Nobody. This is why: While Roxas is the Nobody of Sora, Naminé is actually a "special Nobody" born from Kairi's heart when it left Sora's body. As Kairi had no darkness in her heart, her heart hid within Sora's body instead of becoming a Heartless when...
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    GIF Help! Please read!

    I have a program where I can create GIFs and all and I got spirte sheets, but how do I make a GIF? I've tried but didn't have a clue on what I was doing! Please help! Anyone that gives me info that will lead me to making a GIF will recieve like a billion rep!
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    Enemy Card Help.

    well i got all the enemy cards except aqua tank, so ill just go to atlantica so yea...=)
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    Lexaeus's Name

    It's pronounced lex-ay-us. Yeah, you had it. Marluxia's pronounced mar-loox-ee-uh
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    Enemy Card Help.

    well ive got the wyvern from hollow bastion, thx tetraalmasy
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    Enemy Card Help.

    yea but the thing that i dont get is that my little brother has defender and yellow opera, and he sucks at the game... he was like playing around the whole time and im like actually trying and im nike not getting them lol. i even cleared every world, every floor and all i get would be...
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    Omg!! This Is Awesome!!! Namine'!!!!

    I've found this picture of Namine while I was searching around and it looks pretty cool and I didn't want to just waste it, so I'll just put up this post to give it to any Namine fans of whatever, so...here's the link...
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    Enemy Card Help.

    yea ive heard i have to kill them last, but it hasnt worked yet. ive killed them fast, with no sleights, with only sleights, you name it! so yea i guess ill keep trying untill i randomly get it...
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    Organization member names before they were Nobodies...

    You know how when a person is turned to a Heartless, a Nobody is made. I've been wondering, what were the Organization members' names before they had the X inserted and scrammbled? This is what I was thinking: 1. Xehanort - No Heart or Another 2. Siax - Sai 3. Axel - Lea 4. Demyx - Dyme 5...
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    Enemy Card Help.

    I'm missing 4 Enemy Cards in my KH:CoM. They are: Wyvern, Defender, Yellow Opera, and Aqua Tank. I know exactly where to get Aqua Tank, but the Wyverns, Defenders, and Yellow Operas are located in multiple Worlds. I just want to know where you all got these Enemy Cards or where the best place to...
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    Yeah. The game had a way of trying to catch you by surprise with instant battles and all, but you expect it to happen. Like when you see a movie of a girl running away from a killer in a forest. When everything gets quiet, you just know the killer is going to find her, and everyones like, "Well...
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    HElp WITH ANSEM!!!

    i admit, he was kinda tough the 1st time, but i got him on the 2nd time