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    Fanfiction ► Trinity Limit

    I'm pretty bad at comedy, methinks. XD; Thanks for reading!
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    Fanfiction ► Trinity Limit

    Hey there. ^^;; Now, this is not a Sora/Kairi (focused) fic. This is not a Riku/Kairi fic, and this is not a Riku/Sora fic. (Methinks these types of fics are all over FF.net. ^^;; ) This fiction is about Sora, Donald and Goofy, focusing on their friendship. Because I find these kinds of fanfics...
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    what is Goofy holding???

    I don't really know... But yeah, it must be from "the Struggle." I wonder why Sora's sad? Goofy looks like he's trying to reassure him, though. ^^;;
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    Whos Excited about Tron?

    (Thinks) I reckon I'll go see Tron after the game is released. It'll be more of a surprise if I don't. Besides, I didn't see Nightmare Before Christmas until after I'd beaten the world, and I tended to enjoy it more... So, I'll wait. ^_^ (Mom's ecstatic about the idea of a Tron world. "I was...
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    Mickey and Minnie finally truely together?

    It's a matter of opinion. ^_~ Personally, I didn't pick this out. ^^;; Yeah! They're married! Yay! ^_^
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    can you be a lion in the lion king world?????

    Thank you for pointing that out. :) I do think Sora looks awful cute, though. And even if he did see the pic, a first glance may not have confirmed it. I thought it was Kovu as a cub, at first. ^^;;
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    who is the narrator???

    I think it's Mickey. Basically, because he mentioned "the door to the light" at the end of the game, and in the "Awakening" point of the game, the symbols upon the weapons, and the style of speaking was pretty mature to be Mickey's, but sometimes, it would burst out in expressions such as, "All...
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    Do you think that BHK is...

    I don't think so either. Riku may have pulled a few shocks on Sora and the gang, and a lot of his intentions are unknown throughout the majority of the game, but Sora wouldn't be the kind of person to do that.
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    Do you think that BHK is...

    Oooh! Oooh! This is a new theory! I definitely think it would be possible, though not 100% likely, either. That is a pretty good theory. I'd never thought about that! Good job! ^^
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    Skeleton Sora

    Whoa! That'd be freaky! I wonder what he'd look like, though... ^^;;
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    Nudity in KH2!?!?

    I don't think so... O_o;;
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    KH2 images from Official Site!!!!

    (Clapping) That must've taken a while! Excellent job! 10/10 ^_^
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    Has anyone noticed the new pics on the KH2 OFF Site?

    These are awesome! Thank you so much! I think Sora's covering Flounder's eyes, because they're in the lagoon scene. You know, the place in the movie when Sebastion sings "Kiss the Girl." You're a little too young for this stuff, Flounder! ^^
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    KH2 Most Popular Game on PS2!

    Awesome! That's great to hear! ^_^
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    What do you guys think about King Mickey Being evil?

    He might end up falling a little into darkness. I'm not sure, whether he'll be worn out by Riku's influence of darkness.... But yeah, I'm thinking he's not the type of guy to actually become a villain. ^^;;
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    To all you guys who are ticked off...

    I understand you guys are all upset about Square delaying it all (KH2 to 2006). But I'll say this: Do you think these actions are delibirate? Do you think they intend to stretch it all out? They're just human. They're pressured by all this, and they continue. How do you think they manage to...
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    BHK Voice (news)

    That's pretty odd... Maybe its some sort of representation? ^^;; I dunno.
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    Is Yuna on KH2!!!???

    Yeah, I spotted that, too! Personally, I'm excited, but she might be slightly OOC, like the other FFX characters. (Tidus and Wakka on Destiny Islands) I wonder what her story is? ^^
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    Kh2 extra features

    It's a nice thought. It could be like the bonus DVD in the FFX case. Like upcoming things and etc. But I'd love a movie. Even if it wasn't that long, just the ending like Tender Heart suggested, I'd still be pretty estatic about it. ^^
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    KH2: will it be hard?

    Uwah...it's hard to say. I'd like a challenge, but certainly not overwhelming. ^^;;