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    Sanctuary HI QUALITY 256kbps

    The link isn't working for me either.
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    KH2 cover

    Riku hasn't been shown anywhere so I would think it's a pretty good guess that it's Riku.
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    limited edition guide

    I just reserved it today too! And the game.... It's only going to be like $80 lol 0.<
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    You could try http://www.morlockenterprises.com/welcome.html I think you can ask for them to make you a cosplay...
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    PlayStation Official Website - KH2

    Ok heres something I don't get how they messed up. The freaking cover says E10+!!!! Now what the heywho is that all about? Which is it going to be for sure? Teen or E? Or maybe it'll be EC. haha
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    How much time are YOU gonna put into KH2?

    Waited to long to just go through it. Taking my sweet time with it!! Then play it again!! And again! Like last time. Play it once on eazy. Play it with the guide book and on hard to get everything!!! WAH HA HA!!:D + I'm guessing you'll see stuff you didn't the first time with this game. It's...
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    Who is the hotest girl in kH2

    Yuffies pretty good lookin' in KH2. But I'd have to say, Kairi is the hottie :D And for the dudes without GFs and love videogame girls.... They can dream can't they? :p lol