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    Xion is Soras&Kairi nobody

    I don't agree with the part about naimie I think she was born when sora became a heartless like roxas and maybe xion you also failed to mention xions connection to aqua which may have something to do with her existence and how she came to be.
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    Will Re:Chain of Memories Hit Europe?

    I really want it to be realeased in europe too it wouldn't right to leave us out.
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    Re:com in europe?

    Re:com in europe? If its been released in america does that mean it will be released in europe to cause I hope so.
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    Drawing of Xion from Someone at TGS. *Spoilers, I guess*

    her face looks to gentle for a member of organization 13.
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    So how come Kairi forgot, and not Riku?

    since sora meet the fake riku he knew that he an actual friend who the fake was based on and while he may have lost his merioies of his past with riku maybe he still remembered riku was his friend and since naime's power effected not only his merioies but the peoples who had a connection to him...
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    why just subtitles?

    when kingdom hearts 2 fm was released one of the features it was to have was full english voice actors but why then when I look just for the scenes made just for that game are they Japanese with english subtitles?
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    How do they fit in?

    Could anyone tell me when these two scenes happened in the game YouTube - *VOICES* KH2 Final Mix: The New Headquarters (English Subs) YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix: A Old Friend thanks in advance.:thumbsup:
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    KH2´s disturbing ending?

    I agree while I also found the ending kinda weird that doesn't make it gay theres nothing wrong with the ending the problems you.
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    birth by sleep and the secret ending

    I was watching the secret ending of kingdom hearts 2 final mix and was thinking that it could be the end of birth by sleep cause the game is three separate stories about finding the old man and how in the video the three people meet up and find the old man so I think theres a real chance that...
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    wats the translation site for KH2FM+!?!?!?!?!pleeeeeeeeas HELP

    I heard on the theater mode for the game you can watch them in English and Japanese but I can only find Japanese with English subs.
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    Thoughts on the "other" Master?

    I didn't even know they had a master I thought terra was in charge.
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    Translation Guide?

    I heard if there is something you can get for the play station to translate games with a foreign language.
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    new enemy?

    Nomura: The new enemy is not a Heartless, or a Nobody, because the story takes place before even they appear. I can only give out more information, little by little, as time passes: an example being like the Shadow enemies that are heartless, and the Dusk enemies that are nobodies. See there...
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    new enemy?

    Alright Tetsuya Nomura said in his interview that the enemys in birth by sleep are not heartless or nobodies but new enemy or old as the time line goes but anyone have an idea what they because images shown of the enemys terra fights looking a lot like heartless. Oh and p.s. to the people who...
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    My little theory..

    No cause the old man and the dark solider had keychains on there keyblades in bbs.
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    is that it

    you think thats all the info we're going to get or is there more?
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    any more

    do you think that there will be any more games after these three? They said it was a series so there might be but what if these are the last.
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    True purpose

    I've been think when ever someone talks about the keyblades most people say its for taking out heartless and nobodies but its the general idea that the birth by sleep video was based in the past so that means they were created before the heartless were created and for some other purpose. Its...
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    Whats the name

    Its called birth by sleep.
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    Kairi's bottle

    when the door to light opened you can see kairi's name at the bottom so riku knew it was for sora.