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    Terra and the power of the Keyblade

    Uh......HadesDragon, Riku's keyblade does have a keychain, it's of a heartless emblem.
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    Possible Number XIV Identity -EVIDENCE!!-

    I think it should be noted that in the scene in KH2FM+ where xigbar is talking to zexion they refer to themselves as Organization XIII even though they report on having just found a twelth member. So i think Org. 13 is named that for a reason other then it's amount of members. Also, in KH2...
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    Wait a sec...

    Thats true, i did forget about that, but he is labled as "Lingering Spirit, so does that mean he really is dead? And if it's cannon or not is debatable. Sora's battlewith Xemnas in KH1Fm was not cannon, so why should this be?
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    Wait a sec...

    Okay, if BBS takes place ten years before KH, and Terra is probably late teens early twenties, where is he in KH? I guess the logical explanation would be to assume that he is dead, but that seems very far from anything we've seen in the series so far. So, will BBS show us the first death in...
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    Big plot piece missing

    Okay, so from everything i/ve read on this site, 358/2 days will be about the time between CoM and KH2 and What Roxas is doing. Well, if Roxas was born when Sora became a heartless at Hollow Bastion, what does he do between then and CoM?Like, how does he join Org.13 and stuff like...
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    Summon King Mickey: King's Charm

    Total Bullcrap stupid 25 character rule
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    Something been Bugging Me

    Okay, at the end of the secret trailor at the end of KH2 we see the then unnamed knights pick up the Kingdom Key, Inverse Kingdom Key, and Way to Dawn keyblades before theyturn to face the then unknown figure in the distance. Now at the beggining of the Birth By Sleep trailor at the end...
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    Thing I noticed

    never noticed that. Good Find!
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    Axel's Weapons

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    Help/Support ► public to tutor and back again

    Thanks, I have friends there, like, the 2 or 3 who actually stayed friends with me, and I was just afraid that people won't like me as myself. but really, thanks. i was expecting something like " everybodys mean and you have to play varsity football to be liked"
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    Help/Support ► public to tutor and back again

    Okay, so i went to public school util 3rd grade, because i had been with a modeling agency for about 5 years or something. Anyways, when i was 9 i got my first acting part and i got alot of work in small parts for awhile so i left public school in 4th grade to pursue that career because i told...
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    Anyone Remember?

    didn't we hear that if you beat final fix+ and then ReCom you would get something special or vice versa,so if someone really did say that, has anybody done it?
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    ES Boss Fight Footage

    It would be awesome if you get something for beating him. that would be cool, like if you got his keyblade, well prolly not but cool if you get sumptin
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    Just a Thought

    Hey, maybe if the secret vid is in the past, the roxas look-a-like is Xehanort as a little kid and he grows up and looks for da blue haired lady and the E.S. or since the E.S. is a apparently angry at Xehanort(since in the ES fight in FM+ he yells Xehanort angrily, them out to the old Just a...
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    Behind the AU

    I havnt searched to see if anyone made anything like this, and im not saying i know for sure but in part of a KH2 FM+ trailer we see what appears to be an Au inside an Organization base or possibly the ship from tWtNW In the Sunset Horizons vid we see the AU in front of what looks like and...
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    santuary help

    can you post a link i wanna hear it real bad!?
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    Keyblade ritual?

    well it was called dive to the heart right after i played Kh i had a drea like that and it was cool i was all" OMG! this is sweet!!!!!!!!" but then i woke and i was sad cus it was just a dream cus i was think about that before i went to bed:(
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    Are there more than two FMVs?

    I bought a DVD on Ebay that has Evry single Kh cutseen Plus The encounter wth an Unknown, Showdown Of Fate, And Deep dive, and all the other Final mix cutseens but they have no subs but are still in english
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    About Passion

    hey does anyone know what she says " in english or jap" when kairi and Namine start to sing along in the Opening FMV?
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    English and Japanese Passion

    Its not the same song . Sorry but sum1 made a thread like this and went further into it and found out it was not the same song but another song with the same name