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    Going into KH 3 is Riku more powerful than Sora?

    or are they about equal in power and keyblade skill
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    Do you guys think KH 3 will be better than Final Fantasy 15?

    I am enjoying FF 15, but the metacritic ranking of 84 right now seems legitimate, its not a masterpiece by any stretch, its a really solid game... i hope KH 3 is a masterpiece though
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    I think KH3 will have the deepest combat system in the series

    Drive Forms Keyblade Transformations Shotlocks Attraction Flow Flow Motion Team Attacks
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    Does Disney own Kingdom Hearts

    Do they own the Kingdom Hearts Franchise....and alll the characters even the non-disney characters...Sora, Riku etc.. does Disney own them how much say in creativity for Kingdom Hearts 3 will Disney have. do they only have control when it comes to a disney aspect of the game, or the whole...
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    arn't the 7 guardians, the 7 princess of hearts

    arn't the seven guardians of light the 7 princess of hearts...
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    question about the worlds and universes in KH

    are the various worlds part of the same universe, just different sections or all they all their seperate universes?
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    Does Nomura have this series planned out

    or is he writing as it goes what i mean did he plan the whole aqua, terra, ven thing...does he know how it ends, does he know every plot point of how the saga will end when he wrote kh 1
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    Can Terra be saved?

    i have only played the ps2 games, and i kind of want to catch up on the lore before KH 3 hits.... although i have been trying to follow the other games as much as I can can only Aqua and Ventus be saved
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    Who is the most powerful "good" character in the series

    who do you consider to be the most powerful good character in the Kingdom Hearts series
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    is it possible that Sora is not one of the 7?

    could it be possible that Sora is not one of the 7 keyblade weilders.....? i heard some speculation that he could actually be one of the 13 darkness? what is your opinion on this ok maybe not one of the darkness....but i have a feeling that sora is destined to be something "Greater" then the 7...
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    is Sora superior to Mickey as a keyblade warrior

    in terms of skills..... do you think Sora surpasses Mickey at the end of KH2.... or is mickey still a more powerful keyblade master then sora
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    3DS... DATA SORA AGAIN... or Sora and Riku's MOM exam

    nomura said, we would not be familiar with 3ds "sora".. trying to say he is a different character... what do you think... mickey brings data sora back, for something, or will it be REAL sora this time, doing the MOM exam, with Riku
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    kingdom hearts 3... an ADULT or TEENAGER sora, riku, kairi

    im talking age 18,19, maybe even 20... an older, and alot more mature sora, riku, and kairi... or would you rather still have kid sora.........
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    Does Disney own the rights of all Original KH characters??

    i been hearing from people that Disney owns all original (non-final fantasy) Kingdom Hearts characters so disney owns sora, roxas, riku, kairi, namine, ansem the wise, terra, aqua, ventus, axel ORG XIII members and etc etc... i heard one of the aspects of the deal for kingdom hearts between...