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    Who will you play as first

    Ventus yah. I wanna see why roxas looks like him. It may say in all but i still wanna play as him first
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    Xion Forgoten Memory (Spoilers)

    Maybe the memory cloned itself. I dont know. I have know I dea how i t could become physical. I make the I deas I let other people prove them. P.S. CHuck Norris said it became physical thats why.
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    Xion Forgoten Memory (Spoilers)

    Maybe the memory that took a physical form is him remembering weilding the keyblade. That might be why xion can weild the keyblade.
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    Xion Existence

    I wasnt dismissing it. I was making it simpler. TO understand better.
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    Xion Existence

    Not flaming but to sum it up your saying Xion is like Sora and Kairi's babie nobody made together?
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    Console Packages

    Most likely would be for the psp. The psp has a bundle for alot of big name thing. Kh is i guess big name games. SO I am pretty sure it will have a bundle.
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    Forum Vending Machine.

    Okay... You insert something the next person says what you get. NAd they insert coin. I will start with a coin * Inserts coin*
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    Help/Support ► Driving test?

    STudy. ANd for this driving part. Drive in your back yard for practice. Thats my advice. DOnt have much. I am only 12. So cant drive.
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    Zack is a fool. Pls do not appear in BBS!

    Zach's Awsome he does need to be in it. Just if he is. dont go near him. Its not that big of a deal. I kinda wanthim in it.
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    Help with Emulator!

    I think its against the rules to talk about emulaters here. I think. They told me to hush sorta when I talk about. Here my advice. You may have downloaded it wrong or something.
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    Xigbar in BBS

    I think he may show up. Maybe some of the other org. somebodys. I hope. I kinda want to know them.
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    The Infinate Mystery Fanclub!!!!

    Hey this is the "New" guyfromcrowd fan club!! I made it for him He is one of my best friends on the forum and and real life so if you know guyfromcrowd and think he s awesome post here!!! I recommend gfc friends to join. His nickname is PWNED! Member List 1. Project X 2. Guyfromcrowd A.K.A...
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    KH2 riku figure!

    WHen they paint it it will be cool. But no why will I ever pay $90 buck for something like that.
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    I hope the codes dont take long. I bet they will. Thats why I am only gonna enter a code when I want it instead od them all at same time.
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    KH2 Animation

    Nice. But I have no clue what there saying. But I am american so thats why.
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    An old friend

    Room of sleep. You know where you put down a mat and rest you head and go beddy bye. ANd aquas armor was tired of fighting so it left and came there to sleep.
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    new keyblades

    Grammar. Wam it. ( I meant to say wam it) I have idea what you say. You get keyblades throughout the game.
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    who is the fourteenth member

    Nomura has stated it is a new person. It is not someone we already know. We know aqua is in bbs. So she is now known and not new. yet the 14th member is new because we dont know her. SO she is a new person.
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    who what when how why

    The fight was just to show you something of bbs. Yet I have no idea what you said because. BAD GRAMMAR.
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    who is the fourteenth member

    First of all. SHe is not you. Ha. ANd discuss this in the sticky. No one knows who she is so stopp asking. We wont know until 358/2 days. Stopp making threads over stuff you have no clue about.