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  1. beastlycool

    SORA'S HAIR? (His New Look)

    I know this is like the most trivial of things, but it kinda bother me... Why would they change Sora's iconic hair? It just doesn't feel like the same Sora with a different hair style. They said they just reduced the volume... but that totally wasn't necessary. Maybe in time I will grow to...
  2. beastlycool

    Kingdom Hearts is a franchise to keep!

    I was reading an IGN article about Japan merging some of their best third party companies into one huge one, needless to say Square-Enix was one of those companies. In the section about the franchises to keep in retail, Kingdom Hearts was one of them. This has almost nothing to do with anything...
  3. beastlycool

    More KH DDD theories * MAJOR Spoilers*

    Okay, I know everyone is probably tired of this stuff by now, but here me out. (Also there are a lot of spoilers, so if you don't want to be spoiled on the story stop reading now.) I think that Yen Sid gave Sora and Riku a different mark of mastery test then TAV because he he had a goal for...
  4. beastlycool

    Two Steps back?

    XD I had no idea sorry... I haven't been on the forums in months since their has really been no major news to talk about until now....
  5. beastlycool

    Two Steps back?

    I was looking at Sora and Riku in their KH:DDD attire and I couldn't help but notice, they look younger. This game is supposed to be the at the end of KH's current game time line, so why do they look younger? :confused: Any thoughts/theories?
  6. beastlycool

    KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu (Full translation in the opening post!)

    Re: KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu. Its very obvious its not just you who wants them remade... there have been so many threads about HD remakes its not even funny. Plus Nomura has even hinted at making remakes... but since your a newbie i will let this one slide... WATCH OUT! lol
  7. beastlycool

    So has anyone bought a PSP...

    Yeh, I guess in a way i did... I bought a new psp for the game because my old one was really slow. Although I would hardly say the bundle in the US was hardly worth buying... stupid sony music card... no good music... *grumbles to self*
  8. beastlycool

    Should I buy it?

    Thats good to know, really you answered the real questioned I wanted to know, is it better than Days. If it is, THANK GOD. Days was a pain in the ***.
  9. beastlycool

    Should I buy it?

    Well it certainly has been a while since I last posted anything here.... anyways... question is in the title, should I buy Re:Coded? I was planning to buy it the day it came out in January but then something came up, and then something else came up... and now it is 6 months later. Is Re:coded...
  10. beastlycool

    Dumb, Dumber and Dumberer Wishes and Improvements [aka let's get KH less DUMB than it is]

    Re: Dream Drop Distance Wishes and Improvements [aka let's get KH less shit than it is] I want the world's to not be so empty, make summons return, not have a crappy fighting system *cough* Chain of Memories *cough*, and bring back partners. I iz getting so lonely :c
  11. beastlycool

    Kingdom Hearts Manga in the US is dead :(

    Sadly, after waiting so long for the Kingdom Hearts 2 vol. 3 Manga to come out, it is official Kingdom Hearts manga in the US is no more. Today it is official Tokyopop (or how ever you spell it) is shutting down in the US. They said that after 14 years they are putting up the hat, but they are...
  12. beastlycool

    We aren't getting 3D soon!

    Nomura is still working on ideas for the game so it doen't matter how much is leaked. we already know the game is still in the idea and tech demo stage
  13. beastlycool

    We aren't getting 3D soon!

    Yesh why does everbody saying 3D is coming this year? We aren't! Ok so Nomura is still talking ideas about how the battle system, story, and character changing! Plus after they decide what worlds they want to do and then they have to make a new engine! I say even Japan getting it this year is a...
  14. beastlycool

    Drop Gauge..

    I think it will be more like the focus gauge in BBS and I also think it has something to do with the 1.5 by it and the three arrows by it too. Maybe the arrows mean you speed up? Idk though
  15. beastlycool

    Data Sora in 3D?

    He was? I still haven't played re:coded but I looked up the end
  16. beastlycool

    Data Sora in 3D?

    Just a thought... could Data Sora maybe be in 3D? Like you play as Sora and Riku and then you play as Data Sora and Data Riku? Thats the only reason I can think of to make Sora and Riku change into their original clothes.... Plus Data Sora still didn't tell real sora what namine told him....
  17. beastlycool

    Quick Question about KH aniversary

    Um i don't really remember when KH1 came out so is this the ten year anniversary or is it next year? And if it is the Tenth year anniversary will we get the surprise thingy Nomura was talking about?
  18. beastlycool

    Something I just dont get *Spoilers*

    Ok this isn't going to be very long I just want to know why Xion told Roxas to set Kingdom Hearts free and then tell Riku to stop him. And also if she was already gone how was she able to even tell Riku to stop him?
  19. beastlycool

    KH3D: 2 New Symbols in stead of 1?

    Why would they get symbols? The others TAV already had theirs before the exams
  20. beastlycool

    How Vanitas is connected to who he looks like. Spoilers! Lots!

    Not to be mean but a TON of people already knew this... sorry :P