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    Internet speed

    So, on average I get a 10mbit connection, which is what I'm paying for - last week I notice it drops to a 5mbit connection, troubleshoot over here, replace my cable modem - call them eventually and they tell me that I'm only guaranteed 1mbit - what the hell is that?
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    Chat problems

    I know that the chat seems to be down, it's because the people that host it - well, their servers all seem to be down. Even their main page. http://www.addonchat.com When that website is up, our chat should be back up as well.. Sorry for the inconvenience =(
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    I saw 300 in the IMAX experience this past weekend. Holy mother of... Wow, it just blew my mind away. It's offically replaced my #1 movie of all time (American History X) - It was ssooooooo good. It had my adrenaline pumping the moment the movie started, it wasn't just gore & action either, it...
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    Images update

    Alright! Premium members are going to have a 20% increase from what regular members have. So when an image size is set for members, I'll give you two image sizes; Premium & Regular. Unfortunatly, the 2nd image isn't allowed, it's just too much :(
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    Alright, sorry fellas and ladies, here are the new image rule: 1: Only one signature picture is allowed, unfortunatly having more than that is causing a lot of stress on the server. #2 is more of a recommendation, we're asking that you trim that one image down as much as you can, without...
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    Unreal webpage?

    http://unreal.khinsider.com or http://hosting.dfbutclan.com/khinsider/index.php ? Keeping in mind, I'll pretty-up the one you all choose.
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    Lag issues

    Alright, so here's the thing. THe images this forum have, and are displaying; Is killing the server. We're going to restrict the size of images to 30-40kb. Yes, I know this seems very small; But with the right save method, and a good compression program - Most of your images now can be trimmed...
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    The new chat is finally live. Enjoy it. :)
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    New Chat Soon!

    I'm receiving/installing the chat Sunday for sure. *thumbs up*
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    Staff vs. Members

    This thread will be for applications, which will open (hopefully) Wed.
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    I'm doing some Maintainence on the server databases, if you experience any lag in the next hour or two - It's not your internet's fault, don't hit your internet box, or feed your PC viruses... It'll all be better sooner than later :D
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    Unreal Tournament, tournament?

    Ok, so I've been throwing the idea around. Might get interesting with all the new members we have, anyone interested? ... Anyone interested in helping a university student make it up? ... or make it up all together on your own? ... please? =D I'll do it if I have to, but it'll take a heck of a...
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    Has been turned off for a little while as I investiage some abuse. Sorry folks.
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    Unreal Ready!

    Unreal Tournament '99 Game of the year edition is READY TO GO! I'm on fragging some bots right now! Here's some information: Address: I'm having some trouble with TeamSpeak, so until I get that fully operational I won't post the link to it yet. If anyone can host the...
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    For Azurith

    As I'm sure you've all noticed, Azurith hasn't been around a whole lot lately, well it's not his fault. Azurith has moved out of his home, and is currently venturing across the US.. I wanted to create this thread in his memory for all of the hard work he produced to these forums, and all of the...
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    UnrealTournament '99

    Did anyone miss having our own server, as much as I did?
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    Check it out; http://forums.khinsider.com/z/index.php?z-profile=The-Midnighter There's a new "Profile" Button beside "Logout" in the navbar. Make your own? Update** I've taken some un-needed blocks out of it, and I've also enable dthe old forum profiles, all you have to do is click the "Forum...
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    I just created this poll to try and get an idea of what you all like overall as a skin, so I can find us a new one (or two?) if you have any suggestions, please drop me a PM =)
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    Christmas Time!

    New Christmas Theme! Check it out <3
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