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  1. Anthony12KH

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Website Updates with BBS and New Trailer!

    Since its the Final Mix version, there's a chance we get to see the original scenes that were edited in the overseas version of BBS like Aqua and the mirror in Dwarf Woodlands.
  2. Anthony12KH

    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Release Date + Trailer!

    I'm guessing they knew 2.5 would take much longer, so they skipped the fight scenes in Days, and just focused on Coded.
  3. Anthony12KH

    News ► Nomura interested in making Birth by Sleep Play Arts Kai figures

    You and me both. My favorite character in KH. Would you like his face to look like it does in the 2.5 cover?
  4. Anthony12KH

    News ► New Re:coded Screenshots from Kingdom Hearts 2.5!

    SE must have been like, we'llg ive them fish faces 1 last time in the HD collection, then we'll surprise them with no fish face in KH3.
  5. Anthony12KH

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Boxart Revealed!

    It really does. I've seen pic of the cover without the keyblades, and it looked great. The cartoony feel I dont like much.
  6. Anthony12KH

    After 8 Years, I Have FINALLY Beaten Kingdom Hearts!

    Hey, if I couldnt beat beat the game after 8 years, I would have watched the ending on youtube. If I didnt, i probably would have been stuck on KH1 and not have played any other KH game. lol
  7. Anthony12KH

    What's something you wish had made it into the HD collection that wasn't there?

    KH1 command menu in RE:COM. I know it wouldnt have happened, but a guy can dream.
  8. Anthony12KH

    After 8 Years, I Have FINALLY Beaten Kingdom Hearts!

    LMAO! Congrats! So the real questionn is....did you watch the ending on youtube?
  9. Anthony12KH

    Why didn't they record new lines for the secret Xemnas battle?

    And its funny because during the scenes of Sora getting back his memories, one of them is meeting Xemnas.
  10. Anthony12KH

    Has Stitch been to Destiny Islands?

    NOPe. He went to Lilo then something happened, and he end up in RG.
  11. Anthony12KH

    Why is there such a low completion rate on the HD collection?

    "50% of people who played Re:CoM haven't even completed the first level (Traverse Town as Sora)" This is me. lol I just couldnt get through the game. I tried COM years ago, and I couldnt get pass the 1st level. I tried to conquer my demons in 1.5, but COM stopped me. "Far worse was the...
  12. Anthony12KH

    Did anyone else find Riku stupidly easy?

    Yes. And they would later repeat that in a future KH game called KH3D.
  13. Anthony12KH

    What Is the worst mission or boss in Kingdom Hearst 358/2 Days?

    Dustflier as well. It was my fault though, I kept messing up.
  14. Anthony12KH

    Question about Xion

    THat wouldnt be possible since Xion is already alive.
  15. Anthony12KH

    Will We Ever See a Full 358/2 Days Remake?

    NOPE. This was your last chance. SE will be focusing on the future of KH now, which is KH3 andb eyond.
  16. Anthony12KH

    If CoM's Gameplay was like that of KHI, would you Like it More?

    I would have sold my soul to COM if it had included KH1's gameplay. Keep everything about the cards, just give us an option to switch to KH1's controls. lol
  17. Anthony12KH

    Comparing CoM and Re:CoM

    I liked the story more. We got to see how they acted and reacted,plus the fight scenes, which Im sure everyone can agree with.
  18. Anthony12KH

    Destiny Islands Leveling

    Higher than 14. Lower than 17. I couldnt do it. I was about to lose myself if I had continued.
  19. Anthony12KH

    My First Time Trying the High Jump Glitch

    I love KH so much that I would never glitch it. But it was nice to read your experience.
  20. Anthony12KH

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    I saw the commercial on tv. It caught my attention. I had to try it out. I found the gameplay fun, and the story was good as well. That was how I fel in love with KH. Disney and FF sells.