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  1. maleficent

    KH 2: Final Mix- Keyblade Graveyard/Disney Castle

    I have never played Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, but I was watching a video online, and it seems that the portal to the Keyblade Graveyard (where you fight Terra' Lingering Sentiment/Will) randomly appears in Disney Castle, with no explanation given. Are there any theories as to why this...
  2. maleficent

    Olympus Coliseum Mission (Day 224, Mission 61)- Hover Ghosts/Xigbar/Guard Armor

    I am having the HARDEST time getting through Mission 61, Day 224 in KH: 385/2 Days. It's a combination of those darn idiotic Hover Ghosts and their stupid pick-you-up-as-your-heath-meter-repeats move, the other flying Heartless that you have to fight PLUS having to fight Xigbar, and to put the...
  3. maleficent

    New never before seen artwork(I think)

    Love this! I like the Villains side of it. And I think this has to be the most LOL inducing Kairi pose ever. Looks like Kairi's trying to be sexy! XD
  4. maleficent

    End of the World- Heartless Room?

    I was replaying Kingdom Hearts I today, and in End of the World, right after you leave the Hundred Acre Wood you enter a portal of flames which takes you to a short corridor with one room. Inside, there's Heartless machinery and you examine the machine and it is a message to "those devoid of...
  5. maleficent

    What characters were you most excited to see in Birth By Sleep?

    In every KH game there are the old and new characters that we are excited to see again or for the first time! In Birth By Sleep, which characters were you most excited to see appear again or see for the first time? Mine were, of course, Maleficent again, but also the new characters of Lady...
  6. maleficent

    Who here were fans...

    I got it a few weeks after the original came out (rented it actually.) The rest, is history :D
  7. maleficent

    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    Besides all the what mentioned so far, I really liked the sense of unity that the Disney Villains had in KH1. Even with the newly created gang of Org. 13, It didn't have the same malicious feel that the Villains all uniting together in the Hollow Bastion Chapel had. Those scenes used to give me...
  8. maleficent

    Kingdom Hearts overkill?

    I'm contemplating playing through Kingdom Hearts 1 for about the 6th or 7th time and I have a question- is it overkill to play Kingdom Hearts 6 times? I love it to death, but is it a tad sad to play it six times? True it's over the course of about 8 years, but still... Should I play it again, or...
  9. maleficent

    Cruella De Vil in the next Kingdom Hearts?!

    I have often thought, now that Birth By Sleep is out, what could still be missing from the Kingdom Hearts series? And then it dawned on me! Since I'm an absolute Disney Villain junkie, I noticed that Cruella De Vil was missing from the series! We got to see pretty much of the 101 Dalmatians in...
  10. maleficent

    Disney Villain Heartless creation theory?

    I have this odd theory: Eons ago when I was playing the first KH for the FIRST time, I had an idea: some of the Heartless in each area seem to have a lot more personality than others, which led me to think- what if each Disney Villain's had something to do with this? I think this is the answer...
  11. maleficent

    Theories on the Non-Maleficent Group Villains

    I was on a Kingdom Hearts Wikia site, and I read this: "Shan-Yu is one of the three Disney villains in the series whose relations to the Heartless have nothing to do with Maleficent, the others being the Master Control Program and Clayton. His situation is similar to the latter's, in that the...
  12. maleficent

    Best voice actor/actress in the Kingdom Hearts series is...?

    We all have that favorite voice in Kingdom Hearts, usually our favorite character, but without that voice they would be nothing. Who did you like the best? Also feel free to add your worst voice too. God knows, there are a few to choose from *cough* Aerith in KH 2 *cough* My favorite voices...
  13. maleficent

    The reason why Kingdom Hearts is successful

    Because it successfully blends Final Fantasy and Disney, as well as new original characters, to make a totally unique storyline, which at times is utterly beautiful and also comedic, as well as being very fun to actually play and fight Heartless as well as battling some of the Disney Villains...
  14. maleficent

    Lit ► Oprah

    What are your thoughts on Oprah? I know there is a WIDE range of opinions of what people think about her. I just read Kitty Kelley's new biography of her "Oprah: a Biography" and after reading that I both admire her for her climb to the top and getting out of poor circumstances, but I'm also...
  15. maleficent

    Will we find out more about Kairi's Grandmother?

    I, for one, would love that, but the chances are slim.
  16. maleficent

    Area adjacent to Castle Chapel in Hollow Bastion?

    http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs070.snc4/34850_450326295729_683160729_6530643_4787129_n.jpg This area seems odd to me- where you battle the Maleficent dragon. It seems like the only entrance to it was when Maleficent was defeated and she left that portal. Was that portal like a...
  17. maleficent

    The Card Soldiers in Re: COM

    Thanks! I mean, I've beaten the Parasite Cage and Oogie Boogie already, but since there are so MANY of those cards it's hard to have time to recover! :P
  18. maleficent

    The Card Soldiers in Re: COM

    I sound like a noob, but I have gotten through every other level and beat every other boss, except for Wonderland! I cannot defeat those stupid Card Soldiers! Do any of you have tips to get me through this annoying problem? :/
  19. maleficent

    Favorite KH2 World?

    Beast's Castle. I love the ambiance of it!
  20. maleficent

    Kingdom Hearts Copyright issues

    Idk if this is in the right place, but I have a question to ask: How do I contact the owners to the rights of Kingdom Hearts and request usage of the franchise to write a book about it? I want to turn my blog about applying Kingdom hearts to our everyday lives into a book and I need to at least...