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  1. Kaijuguy19

    Theory: The Magic Mirror reflects Aqua's inner feelings

    I get the feeling that the mirror may have Aqua look at parts of herself that she doesn't want to confront for personal reasons as well as what happened to her in the events of BBS. Like for example her mirror double may show Aqua that the reason why her heart may be hallow is because she sees...
  2. Kaijuguy19

    Vulpeus/Ava Is Kairi's Grandma

    I think Kairi's grandmother at least was around that time or at after that time period to know such details.
  3. Kaijuguy19

    Aqua Chose Sora Theory

    Yeah I've always thought this too when I was playing BBS. Narrative and theme wise both Aqua and Sora are very much alike in that regard and I don't think I would be surprised if that actually plays a large role in KH3 since BBS V2 is meant to be somewhat of a "prequel" to KH3 if I remember right.
  4. Kaijuguy19

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Releasing January 2017 in Japan!

    At least it's only a one month delay as opposed to a three month delay like FF15 or even more. All the same love the trailer and box art. Makes it more exciting to have it in hand. :D Also I don't think 2.8 being delayed means KH3 will be a 2018 release now. I mean unlike 2.8 we still don't...
  5. Kaijuguy19

    Will Microtransactions affect Kingdom Hearts 3?

    I've just watched Angry Joe's review on Deus Ex Mankind Divided and he mentions about the microtransactions in the game and how he's worried that it'll affect gaming in the future in a bad way.=. So it makes me wonder if this is also going to happen for KH3 and even FF15 as well?
  6. Kaijuguy19

    Willa Holland portraying emotions

    Same here. I was pretty surprised to see that she does both one of my favorite characters like Aqua and least favorite like Thea but even then Thea did start to improve a bit.
  7. Kaijuguy19

    Cartoon/TV ► ABC's Galavant

    I saw that there wasn't a thread for the ABC Musical Comedy of the same name so I figured I can make one here. :) So if anyone saw it what are your thoughts on it? I think it's funny and well written.
  8. Kaijuguy19

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Jump Festa 2016 Trailer!

    Wished the new KH3 showed a bit more then just gameplay footage though I did like the one for 2.8 which actually does show more content. :)
  9. Kaijuguy19

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Trailer coming to Jump Festa 2016

    Yeah that's the reaction I'm expecting to see all right especially from fans of her. :D lol
  10. Kaijuguy19

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Trailer coming to Jump Festa 2016

    Sweet! :D What makes it better is that unlike the last D23,this is confirmed to be opened to the public.
  11. Kaijuguy19

    What do you think Aqua will do in this game?

    Yeah something like that. The design for the Anti-Aqua could be similar to how Venitus and Darkness Riku look but with a sort of a vampire vibe thrown in. The battle could also be about the Anti Aqua berating and talking down to Aqua about how she was too weak to do anything right and how it...
  12. Kaijuguy19

    What do you think Aqua will do in this game?

    I think what she also fears is that deep down,she wants to have more power to get things done and he saw what happened to people like Terra who attempted to do that even if it's for a noble or at least understandable reason and it doesn't help that she's been made a Keyblade master and feeling...
  13. Kaijuguy19

    What do you think Aqua will do in this game?

    I'm betting that whatever her storyline will be in the game will have a massive impact on KH3.
  14. Kaijuguy19

    2.8 - Predict the release date

    I'm hoping it'll be around Spring 2016 or at least around Summer.
  15. Kaijuguy19

    Any FF game I can try out first?

    Since I've first started to play the Kingdom Hearts series I'm beginning to get a good idea about the FF elements in the game so I wonder if I start to get into the FF game series are there any games you'd recommend me trying out first like some of the more acclaimed titles in the FF franchise?
  16. Kaijuguy19

    Question about the Castle of Dreams

    You know now that you've brought up that villain idea perhaps we could possibly see the Phantom/Shadow Blot show up there since I can see him being a resident at the Realm of Darkness especially if it's his Epic Mickey version. He could also set up his own twisted Disney world filled with...
  17. Kaijuguy19

    Question about the Castle of Dreams

    Sounds awesome. :) That's something I can imagine being from Epic Mickey that did similar things.
  18. Kaijuguy19

    Trying to get the BBS FM Secret Ending on Standard Mode.

    Well I've finally unlocked the secret episode and finished it. Turns out I actually forgot to finish Ventus's sticker album by posting the stickers in the right positions....Silly of me to actually forget to do that hee hee..:rolleyes:
  19. Kaijuguy19

    Trying to get the BBS FM Secret Ending on Standard Mode.

    Well that's the thing. After I saved my progress in the Mirage Arean while playing as Aqua I went to check on the Trinity Archives and see if I got the Keyslinger trophy which I did manage to get last night but when I went to go and check to see if the secret ending was there,it wasn't there. I...
  20. Kaijuguy19

    I unlocked Secret Episode without 100%ing anything?

    I have a question. I've managed to finish each character's story arc and the final episode along with doing the sticker album and Keyslinger trophy in Standard mode but the secret episode won't show up. Am I missing something in the character's story mode that's not having the secret episode...