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    shading practice

    Road of an Oath by *Ashley425 on deviantART So I'm a bit rusty on shading :\ I just tried to do a practice drawing with some fanart. It didn't take me very long, but I'd still appreciate criticism. I know I need to work on adding more contrast. If there's more to suggest, please let me know! :]
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    The Magician's Trick

    The Magician's Trick by *Ashley425 on deviantART Here's a drawing I did. It's been around a month since my last drawing D: Been busy with a lot of stuff lately, but I'm glad to have finished it. Any comments/criticism are greatly appreciated!
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    Art Project

    Here's my final art project for my graphic design class. We had to draw something using one our own photographs as reference, so I chose to draw a photo of a tiger I took at the zoo. Any comments/criticism before I turn this in would be greatly appreciated...
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    Lost at Sea

    Lost at Sea by *Ashley425 on deviantART Bubbles can turn into whales too x3 Any comments/criticism would be appreciated :)
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    Don't let go of your dream by *Ashley425 on deviantART Inspired by a friend of mine who's goal is to become a great musician :] Any comments/criticisms are greatly appreciated!
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    Alice by *Ashley425 on deviantART Here's a drawing I did for my friend. She wanted me to draw her a lolita girl so I attempted it xD Any comments are greatly appreciated :)
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    Key to a Dead Mans Heart

    Key to a Dead Mans Heart by *Ashley425 on deviantART A new piece I just finished. A description of the concept can be found under the image :D Any comments/suggestions are appreciated! Edit// A DA admin featured this piece in their news, so in celebration I'm featuring people's art in my...
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    Help/Support ► >_>

    I'm probably not the best one for advice, but you've barely scratched the surface of life, so don't think love should come so quickly. Depression never solves anything, so don't go there, ok? Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go.
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    Fanfiction ► SnowMan; A Fanfic Collaboration

    Ah! Very well written you two! The ending of the 4th chapter was intense! Can't wait to read the next chapter! :3
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    Fanfiction ► SnowMan; A Fanfic Collaboration

    Fantastic work you two! There's so much detail and imagery it feels as if I'm actually inside the story! It makes me want to start drawing one of the scenes XD Great work Deeman and snowdog!
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    Titanic 2

    Well, I've heard about it, but not many of my friends have so I thought I would post about it. The story is taking place in present time, and they revisit the titanic for more treasures. They then find a frozen body, which..is obviously going to be Jack's (leonardo de caprio) body. So they then...
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    Hello everyone!!! :)

    Hi guys! Uhm, I was joined because Monkeybutt posted my dance video here..hahahaha...Thank you monkeybutt..LOL really, anyways, I am a fan of KH and all its neat games. I also enjoy anime, manga, graphics, and tons more! Its nice to meet y'all!