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  1. rodx

    Next Game

    I'm believe that we will have a HD version of Union Cross for PC and consoles,alongside a ''Third Season'' with the inclusion of a Wreck Ralph World like Nomura hinted on a interview back on may 2018 (He didn't say Wreck Ralph, but that a Summon on KH 3 will be a teaser for a future new...
  2. rodx

    Anybody else feel like the next entry will be DLC?

    They can use San Fransokyo assets on Shijuku/Shibuya,like Scalla uses from Kingdom of Corona,I believe on DLC as well because being Square Enix thematically don't feel like a Last World material like TWTNW and Keyblade Graveyard,also a Night City as Last World for KH4 will be too Similar to...
  3. rodx

    Who did Sora speak to in the final world?

    I 95 % blindly believes that is the star pendant girl from Verum Rex,also I discover that his japanese VA is the same of Stella on Versus XIII trailers also,the fact that he are on the world of the death,and Stella are suppose to be a ghost that apeear on Noct dreams,the only name that makes...
  4. rodx

    Do you are feelling a bit hollow and depressive after playing KH 3 ?

    I created this tread in order to share this feelling and know if someone more are suffering the same .
  5. rodx

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    So, for me the only spoilers that matter are what happens on the Disney Worlds,and the Epilogue and Secret Ending,I forget that Epilogue will comes to japan very soon,so I need to post something before running out :
  6. rodx

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I'm jealous, this month just looks bigger than the others . Edit : Holy S,just now I realise that they are stolen,I tought they just broke the release date .
  7. rodx

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I just feel sorry for the people who will not play a great game just because of so small things,people can have wathever opinion they want,will not interfere on my experience after all,every KH for me is so especial and bring so many memories (Girls I met,jobs I have at every release) that I...
  8. rodx

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    How I put spoilers tag ? I desparately want to give comment for some detail from the account .
  9. rodx

    [SPOILERS] Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts III

    Re: [BLANK] are not in Kingdom Hearts 3 at all Man,people will hate me for this but I think that Radiant Garden history arc already closed on KH2 with the Restoration of the World, only the Cloud conflit between his dark and light side (Sephiroth and Tipha) was left but is not that important ...
  10. rodx

    Theory: What's in the box?

    I think if on the final battle at Scala ad Caelum, Luxu appears and use it as a deus ex machina to lock Xehanort final form inside it,and ends going back to the past with it in order to Master of Masters use him on some form so this plot can continue on Union X . So if is MoM (Superbia) Heart...
  11. rodx

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Complete Leak Summary

    The problem of Kairi not being playable is that it trows DDD secret ending on the garbage,a Huge dispointment,at least I hope for DLC or that we have a small part with Aqua on the secret ending update . After all this years no way that this game will live up to they Hype like FF XV,but I...
  12. rodx

    Kingdom Hearts 3 guess release date .

    I created this tread to guess KH 3release date do you believe will be on 2017 ?
  13. rodx

    Lv 1 run is worst tham From Softwere games ?

    Is a curiosity that I have for those who already do both the Lv 1 run and plays Dark/Demon Souls games and Bloodborne...
  14. rodx

    If the sixth foreteller be Sora's past incarnation ?

    Some people in this forum,have heard of the theory that the five foretellers are some form of past incarnations of Riku,Kair,Terra,Ven,Aqua before they do ''Birth By Sleep'' that is a form of Reincarnation. But, this left a mystery,who is their master and who is the sixth ? this is my...
  15. rodx

    My greatest fear in KH3: being Sora centric

    Hi people, I like everyone,have great anticipations for KH 3,but my greatest fear in the game is the plot be 100 % Sora,donald and goofy point of view again,will be very dissapointing after birth by sleep and KH DDD who stabilish Riku,Lea in the ending and Kairi in the secret one.principaly the...