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  1. Trimms

    What is going on.

    KH is the new Lost. Convoluted, forced, and drying out.
  2. Trimms

    Re coded ultimania released!!!!

    This news is as relevant as the site you got it from. Zing.
  3. Trimms

    maester xehanort is riku's dad

    This was already resolved on Maury, none of the children were xehanort's and he ended up running off with that black chick with the deformed foot on her back who had sex for a cheesburger.
  4. Trimms

    Just a Quick Question...

    He can defeat the people that would harness or use the darkness but he can't actually destroy the darkness.
  5. Trimms

    Birth by Sleep Consensus.

    I said great. Because it is, but nothing more. There were still loads of improvements that could have been made. Hopefully future games will finally be able to lock down what makes these games so good and do it all really well.
  6. Trimms

    Training in the Mirage Area

    Yeah go to Radiant Garden where you fought that giant Unversed with 4 megaflares, get exp chance on, flare the tanks, leave, come back, repeat, 2 hours later you will be at level 99 (took me that long from 49).
  7. Trimms

    How to thank Nomura?

    You now dislike BbS because a newer one is coming out in Japan? lol.
  8. Trimms

    Are you satisfied by BBS?

    This game was running in a straight line using Magnega. It was fun to experience the story but I hope it will hold up on a replay. I'll have to do a no magnet run or else it will be so boring haha. The post game content is really good though.
  9. Trimms

    Best EXP Grinding method for Terra

    It isn't. This is the best way for Terra based on time and the amount of EXP. It took me less than 2 hours to get to level 99 (starting at level 44).
  10. Trimms

    recoded impressions

    It's definitely convinced me to get the game!
  11. Trimms

    one question...

    Of course it is haha, but some people were saying it could have been Riku. Obviously they don't see the shadow boob. Or they think Riku had boobs. Either way no one listened to them and now it doesn't matter! It's always cool looking back on the beta trailers, too bad it probably won't happen...
  12. Trimms

    the new battle system

    He screams in utter terror. The boar pounces on him, goring out his intestines. The gnomes watch and giggle from afar. Seconds after death, his body relieves itself, leaving a strong stench of poo about the forest clearing. That's how I felt about the battle system.
  13. Trimms

    Terra's Voice..

    Terra brings the VA heat when he needs to. Unlike Aqua who sounds the same with every line. Imagine how bad the sex would be if she was that monotonous and bland. Fuck that. You'd get more emotion out of a dead horse.
  14. Trimms

    What's the fastest way to level Terra up?

    EXP Walker is good up until like level 25, then it doesn't do much especially around level 40 where you need 15,000 EXP to level up. But if you get it really early then it's amazing how you can just run in circles for like 30 seconds and level up haha.
  15. Trimms

    80 hour trophy?

    You actually have to eat 30 ice creams I believe.
  16. Trimms

    80 hour trophy?

    PLAY THE GAME FOR 80 HOURS. How hard is it to understand? You turn on your PSP and load the game. After 80 hours you get a trophy. Yay.
  17. Trimms

    KH BBSFM trailer

    Damn people actually want to pay $50 to fight a whale? That is the last thing I would spend $50 on.
  18. Trimms

    Vanitas's Lingering Spirit strategy.

    With Aqua I won by spamming mines and cartwheeling for about 4 minutes. If that doesn't work then hide behind a rock and use strike raid through the rock as he'll get stuck on the other side. *cough*Terra*cough*
  19. Trimms

    Birth by Sleep Final Mix TGS Info (Will have BRAND NEW content, January 2011)

    They keep throwing new things in. Maybe if they focused on making the game complete the first time they made it they wouldn't have to keep adding in new bits to make it more fun. Like this game will literally come out 3 times in one year.