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  1. KingOfHearts

    Kingdom Heart FMCG

    I did, actually. We've got a full set 1 and are moving into set 2 now.
  2. KingOfHearts

    Theory: Terra's revival is what breaks Riku's keyblade.

    He passed it down to him. It means it's possible that Terra could have fully returned to his normal state, reclaiming his keyblade from Riku at the same time. Either that, or Terra-Nort's halfs have learned to wield their own keys. Just a random thought.
  3. KingOfHearts

    Mid-Battle Keyblade Swapping Confirmed!

    https://www.khinsider.com/news/Famitsu-interviews-Nomura-and-Yasue-about-Kingdom-Hearts-III-Premiere-Event-news-12012 Literally all of my concerns for the new drive system were washed away with this information. I'm worried about situation commands (specifically higher-tier magic and...
  4. KingOfHearts


    For me, I find it mildly annoying because game development is complex. Seeing them take the time to make the worlds fully fleshed out instead of a cardboard cutout of the original, all with unique and interesting mechanics, is much more exciting to me because I'm a substance over style kind of...
  5. KingOfHearts


    I don't see why people care about the number of worlds so much. We had a butt-load of worlds in KH2, and all the Disney ones were essentially filler episodes. I'd rather have well-designed worlds with canonical substance.
  6. KingOfHearts

    The Master of Masters is Sora.

    That is all. Everything will make sense in time.
  7. KingOfHearts

    Kingdom Hearts: An Observation in Fluctuating Level Design

    I'm of a mind that prioritizes combat over platforming and love KH2 most because of it. The game focused on exhilarating combat and choices as opposed to trivial tasks like jumping around different areas of the map for items and such. Final Mix does add items and such for people that do enjoy...
  8. KingOfHearts

    [SPOILER] KH2.8 Special credits (the one on the game selection menu)

    Screw it. Think what you will. It's always been there clear as day, canon as hell, but alright lol. When it happens, after all of this evidence, I'll just smile and nod."Haters gonna hate".
  9. KingOfHearts

    [SPOILER] KH2.8 Special credits (the one on the game selection menu)

    He didn't know what had happened to Riku. He knew Kairi was safe. Major difference in the emotions here lol.
  10. KingOfHearts

    [SPOILER] KH2.8 Special credits (the one on the game selection menu)

    They're best friends (Sora and Riku). They understand each other better than anyone because they've been through a lot together, but that doesn't make them have homosexual feelings for each other. I have a best friend too. There was a time where I'd been through more with them than my fiance...
  11. KingOfHearts

    What order should we play Kingdom Hearts 2.8 in?

    I'll be playing 0.2 first. I've already watched back cover in English and Japanese, and I need to get a taste of this current generation KH.
  12. KingOfHearts

    [SPOILER] KH2.8 Special credits (the one on the game selection menu)

    Kairi has always been there in spirit for Sora, represented by the oath keeper. It was obvious they were canon with the paupu drawings in the first game. It says no matter how far apart they are, their destinies would be intertwined. Selphie added to this by calling it "romantic" to put aside...
  13. KingOfHearts

    Kingdom Heart FMCG

    Hey guys, I'm working with some guys on a Kingdom Hearts FMCG (Fan-made card game) and I wanted to know if the community would be interested in it before going wild with work getting it playable online. I obviously own nothing but the mechanics/template, but I figured it'd be fun since the old...
  14. KingOfHearts

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FCP Limited Edition!

    Yeah, a pin isn't exactly a good bonus. I wish it was something more relevant. It's already $60 for an HD remix and a demo.