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    New Famitsu Scans & Translations! Dwarf Woodlands + Neverland [FINAL]

    This game just gets better and better.:D
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    Battle system and "Unique Commands" info from the new Famitsu

    Loving how this game is turning out!!!
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    Coded: Possible Wiiware game?

    It's possible we just have to wait and see.
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    [/LIST] 1#, 4# and 6# lol 5# just imagine.
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    After a thousand Xehanort theories....

    I like this theory it makes sense. DS and MX clearly have a bond to what extent no one know yet.
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    The "Key" to the Unbirths.

    Maybe the symbol represent how the heart, body and soul come to form a (somebody) somewhere along that something happen to create a unbirth.
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    Who will you play as in Days?

    dual-weilding roxas, mickey, riku, larxene and Saix.
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    Vexen's laugh

    LMAO *falling out of chair* JAP VA is funny ass hell.
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    The death of Lexaeus

    XH killed Lexaeus because he didn't want nobody *ironic* to control riku but him.
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    What are unbirths made of?

    If i know nomura (really wish i did) he going to add something or twisted it around to answer such questions like this. I think the soul=light or darkness has to do with it.
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    mind speaking

    Coincidence, i think not!? lol it was just the timing.
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    Terra Saix?

    I would sooner say that terra and MX have a closer link than Saix.
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    Point of Sora in Castle Oblivion

    Marluxia wanted to use sora to take over the organization -_- like that was going to happen other than that i don't see why he would be there
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    Did you..?

    I thought the card system was alright but the only thing i didn't like the card points system were i couldn't make my deck the way i would of like it. Overall i give a 9/10.
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    Short unbirth term theory

    Let's agree to disargee cause like deepwonder said we know to little about BBS.
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    Why do you fight Riku in KH2?

    To test sora and he was for the most part forced to fight because of sora thinking he was with the organization.
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    It's just one of them plot holes KH2 didn't explain but i would say that Xemnas was one.
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    About Sora's choice...

    Yeah the game will be different for.... 1.Riku and Sora will finally stop fighting over kairi. 2.Namine would have the perfect weapon to get revenge against organization 13. 3.Roxas wouldn't have to join with him during KH2. 4.Xemnas plans for Kingdom Hearts would be put on hold.
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    Org 13 and nobodies

    True that!!!