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  1. Suzuku

    bbs new pictures

    You've let yourself go Nomura. D:
  2. Suzuku

    RE:coded in Nintendo Power

    Re: coded in Nintendo Power I would like to believe you but it doesn't make a lot of business sense to release two games so close together. Why would they release BbS in September and then release Re:coded two months later? I just definitely don't see it coming to the west until January at the...
  3. Suzuku

    RE:coded in Nintendo Power

    Re: coded in Nintendo Power I really don't see Re:coded being released before spring next year considering that BbS is coming out in September. It might be coming out fall or winter this year for Japan, but certainly not the US or PAL.
  4. Suzuku

    Why is Nomura's name on everything?

    It seems like every FF game since X has Nomura's name on it. Usually you put the guy who directed the game, but when you start a FF game the subtitle is "Characters designed by Tetsuya Nomura" rather than a director's name. Is there a reason why Nomura gets his name singled out om everything?
  5. Suzuku

    Chaos Rings

    Recently announced, full out RPG for iPhone. Looks like a late Playstation-era Final Fantasy game, which is really impressive, with a development team consisting of FFVII, VIII, and X's art designer Yusuke Naora doing character designs; story by Yoshinori Kitajima, who was the scenario writer...
  6. Suzuku

    Are we going to learn anything at GDC?

    What have they talked about at GDC in the past?
  7. Suzuku

    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    ... Why is this on the front page? -_-
  8. Suzuku

    Activision Announces New Plans for Call of Duty series, milking now in overdrive

    Activision's New Plans For Call of Duty Include New Developer, New Genres - Infinity Ward - Kotaku And another publisher fucks up another series. :sag
  9. Suzuku

    Ultima Weapon?

    Has anyone posted a pic of it?
  10. Suzuku

    How to change account on PSP

    Okay, so I downloaded FFVIII and Dissidia from PSN two weeks ago. I downloaded them on my computer because it was faster than downloading it directly to the PSP. However, I apparently used a different account than the one that was originally registered on my PSP to download the games. So when I...
  11. Suzuku

    Coded coming to another platform ?

    Yes, they do .
  12. Suzuku

    Coded Coming to NA?

    That was a rhetorical question. You obviously don't know. They're good enough for multiple AAA companies to continue expressing interest in developing for it. And there are more people with iPhone and iPod touches than there are with PSPs, especially in the west, and it's quickly catching up to...
  13. Suzuku

    Coded Coming to NA?

    DSiWare is crap .
  14. Suzuku

    Coded Coming to NA?

    You don't have to get an iPhone, get an iPod touch. Lowest model costs $199 and there is no monthly contract. Basically an iPhone without phone, camera, compass, or GPS. You can get it for even less than $199 if you buy a used one from somewhere.
  15. Suzuku


    What is this nicovideo ?
  16. Suzuku

    Coded Coming to NA?

    There have been 42.48 million iPhones sold since it first launched. There have been over 30 million iPod touches sold since it first launched. There have been 55.9 million PSPs sold since it first launched. The PSP sold 107,000 units last quarter in America, while iPhone sold 2-3 million units...
  17. Suzuku

    Coded Coming to NA?

    Nope, PSP sales suck here in the states. They can barely move 100,000 a quarter, while iPhone regularly moves several million a quarter.
  18. Suzuku

    Coded Coming to NA?

    I disagree. More people have iPhones and iPod touches than PSPs. They would be reaching less people that way. They could also simply release it on both App Store and PSN and have best of both worlds.
  19. Suzuku

    Coded Coming to NA?

    They wouldn't have started english voice recording.