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    Official Jak and Daxter Trilogy Thread

    I am a big fan of the Jak and Daxter trilogy, and was just wanting to discuss it, and to see just how many people have played the games. Also, I would like to know who all has actually played all three of the games, namely the first one, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. Comments, thoughts...
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    A Legacy of Friendship

    So many tales have been of a universe in danger of being destroyed, of heroes rising up and defeating the darkness, saving all the universe from destruction. But this tale, my friends, is not about a whole universe in danger of being engulfed. No. This is a tale of a single world in dire...
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    War of the Worlds

    It looks like a great movie, and I know it's gonna be really good since Spielburg's the director and writer. Also, since Tom Cruise is in it I know it's gonna be a fantastic movie because he is an AWESOME actor! Does anybody have any thoughts about it? Does anybody want to see it? I really...
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    The Roarickan Story: The Quest to Save Hallen

    This is my first rp. I finally recieved a good idea for one! In The Roarickan Story: The Quest to Save Hallen, the world of Hallen (pronounced Hoh-lin) is about an individual named Roaricki. You'll read in his bio what one of the storyline's is for this rp. Even though the main character is...
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    What Disney worlds should there be in KH2?

    Well, I'd love to hear your opinions guys! Put down the name of the name of the movie (and if ya can think of a good one, what the name of the world might be), and also add a few boss fights that could take place in the movie's world! Well, for me, I'd simply LOVE it if they had a complete...
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    Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2: Uh, why are they called that again?

    Why? Why?? I know that there is a sword that you can upgrade to that is called Dark Cloud, but that like has nothing to do with the story! Why are the games called Dark Cloud??? Why??? Does anyone know? And, while you're at it, if you have played Dark Cloud 2, can ya post your thoughts on the...
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    Theme Songs for Sora, Riku, and Kairi!!!

    Okay, guys. Post what you think would be the perfect theme song for Sora, the perfect one for Riku, and the perfect one for Kairi! Also, put who does the song too! And if ya can, include the words or part of the words to the song. I can only think of Kairi's right now. I think the PERFECT...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Their Story

    Okay, guys. This is my first fanfic. This fanfic includes some Kingdom Hearts characters, as well as my own, original characters. This is all takes place at the starting of Kingdom Hearts, but it does not follow the same story line at all. This fanfic has very different concepts in it from the...
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    Dual Hearts!!! (Has anyone heard of this game??)

    Go Dual Hearts! It's an awesome game! It came out about the same time as Kingdom Hearts, but didn't get much respect or popularity because it was overshadowed by such a big release as KH. Even though KH was WAY better (KH is WAY better than every game!), Dual Hearts is still an awesome game, and...
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    Kingdom Hearts ride at Disney World

    I really do think that there should really be a Kingdom Hearts amusement ride at Disney World. So... got any ideas guys? Post what you think the ride should be called, what part in KH it should play out, what kind of ride it should be, and anything else you can think of! This should be really cool!
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    What will become of this site?

    Okay, recently I've been thinkin'" This site is about KH2, right? And is completely devoted to infromation and its release, right? Well, when KH2 finally comes out, and when the roar and good news of its release dies down, and when everything is discovered about it (all cheats all secrets all...
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    What would happen if the Keychain got ripped off the Keyblade??

    Thihs kinda a wierd question, guys, but seriously, I mean, what really would happen? Post your opinions! Ya know, anything! You could back it up with reasons too! I think that it would maybe breakdown and melt into a hot, sizzling puddle of liquid. My reason? None really. It's just athought...
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    BHK's Name

    Have you guys ever wondered what BHK's name could be? Well, I recently have! So post your opinions on the type of name, whether it's gonna be a Japanese or American (or European? LOL) one, and what you make think it could be. I wanna hear your opinions people! I'm wonderin'! I think that his...
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    What's your favorite track?

    Hey guys! What is your personal favorite track? Your best bet to remember them all is if you have the soundtrack, but if you can remember some of them without the soundtrack, then that's great! You can also have more than one favorte. Just post your opinions. I'd love to hear from you guys! \...
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    Hello everybody! I'm new and I'm very excited to be here!

    Hi! I'm new and I'm so thrilled to be here! I love Kingdom Hearts and am ready to be a great member here at the forums. I finally could become a member after I fixed some email difficulties. I haven't found out how to have any avatars or anything special like that yet, but I'll be sure to post...