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    Swap Magic

    Does anyone know where I could buy a swap magic??? i looked every where and couldnt find one, but I want one so i can buy final mix.
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    Triple Triad

    I have a question about the triple triad, what is the elemental option and how do you enable it?
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    Oh, Thank god, i got my password back, the stupid kid, i found him and demanded it back, Tsk, some kids these days can be real jerks!!!
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    Dynasty Warriors

    Who has ever heard of the game Dynasty Warriors??? Im curious to know, if you have who is your favourite character other then Lu Bu?
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    What is this section for?

    Can someone tell me what this section is used for?? like, what kind of things to post?
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    Favourite Quotes

    I have no idea if there is a thread on this....soooo, i want to know what is your favourite quote in kh2? it can be by anyone, organizer, donald, sora, anyone!!!
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    Can someone tell me what "Re:Coded" is?

    What is Re:Coded that everyone talks about??? ive never heard of it until, i wsaw the name of it, so, can someone explain it to me?
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    My other favourite Videogame

    Has anyone ever heard of "Dynasty Warriors"? its a good war game, its about a real war that happened in china about, 2000 years ago.
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    Who here is excited for the summer????

    Im exited for the summer, i only have 9 left, including exams, 5 school days and 4 exam days. And in in Canada, so, vacation hasnt started yet.
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    Hollow Bastion Secret!!!!

    Holy, i found an amazing secret, i dont know if you found this but, you know that one chest in the waterway that is hard to get?(you can see the one in the entrance in the base of hollow bastion) Well, turns out you have to use blizzaga on the bubble, i think its the second one, the one leading...
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    Larxene is one of my favourite organizers, but thats just me, i want to know everyones opinion on Larxene. Like her attitude, or battling her. Maybe hos she acts towards everyone. Also, include your favourite quote she says(if you have one that is).
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    Ive heard no one really likes xion, and i want to know why, is it her personality? how she fights? or is she just plain annoying? p.s. sorry for putting "mobile" i ment "days"
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    About Chain of Memories

    I want to know how much people have the Golden and Platinum Cards.
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    Chain of Memories-Golden and Platinum Cards

    Who here in Re: Chain of Memories has the Golden and Platinum Cards??? I do, who else does??? Oh, crap, sorry for putting this up twice, i was still learning about the site, so thats why i moved it to kh section.