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  1. Mexican Sora

    About the 13 Darkness's, (x era ) (theory)

    Ventus never had any darkness. He confirms this himself in Union X. He was always a being of pure light. The only darkness he ever had inside him was when he gave what is now known as Vanitas a physical form and absorbed/merged with him. We have to remember that Vanitas was made whole the same...
  2. Mexican Sora

    CAN Riku use Darkness to its full extent, actually?

    Riku does use Darkness to it's full extent BUT he doesn't use it recklessly like other dark magic users such as Xehanort, Maleficent and the Organization 13 members. If anything he's probably the only one efficient at using darkness without it corrupting him.
  3. Mexican Sora

    Dark Road ► Dark Road Finale Megathread

    I wouldn't put it past Xehanort if he casted part of his heart away in the same machine he sent Kairi off during his time as an apprentice.
  4. Mexican Sora

    Dark Road ► Dark Road Finale Megathread

    From what Master Xehanort told Vanitas, he stated that he wasn't born from Ventus AT ALL but rather latched onto him. Remember in Union Cross we find out that Ven is actually pure light and he uses this to give Darkness a form. As of KH3 Ventus had already taken him back. I don't know why...
  5. Mexican Sora

    Can Disney Villains Get Norted?

    Technically any Disney character COULD be Norted. As far as the villains go, Maleficent and Hades may be impossible to nort unless they did it willingly. Those two are supremely adept at using and controlling darkness that they could probably resist nortification the same way Riku can now.
  6. Mexican Sora

    Quadratum is going to be the "Hub" world for KH4

    I'm really curious to see how Square implements Sora traveling to "worlds" in KH4. If Quadratum is a reality where light and darkness do not exist, then the world itself wasn't splintered into different pieces like it was in Sora's reality. Which would make Gummi Ships pointless. I'm guessing it...
  7. Mexican Sora

    Spoilers ► Black Box betting pool

    It is a reset button. Opening the box will cause the destruction of their current reality and reboot anew. It is tied to the Master's life force so whenever opened he then vanishes for an unspecified amount of time.
  8. Mexican Sora

    Spoilers ► I dont understand time travel in the series

    From the ending in UX, it is implied that Master Xehanort a.k.a the player was Ven's intermediary. As far as Marluxia/Lauriam goes, remember in the additional scenes for KH2 final mix Xigbar mentions to Zexion that he was the one who found him and given that he's actually Luxu we can assume he...
  9. Mexican Sora

    Spoilers ► So where exactly was Terra between BBS and KH3?

    Yep, he sure did. And unrelated but there were also technically two Terra's in the final battle of KH3. One being held captive by Terranort, and the other that was being held by Ansem SOD from the past.
  10. Mexican Sora

    Spoilers ► Connection or coincidence?

    and I'm Mexican Sora
  11. Mexican Sora

    My Problem with Keyblades

    We literally had 4 wielders in KH1. Sora with KK, Riku with KK, Mickey with KKD, and Riku-Ansem with Keyblade of People's hearts.
  12. Mexican Sora

    KHUX ► SPOILER: Is Lust vanquished?

    Guys if you think about it, it makes sense. Luxu HAS to be harboring a remnant of the remaining Darknesses. Remember to forge the X-Blade you need THE Darknesses, and 13 of them not just someone with darkness. In MX's case he split the willful Darkness he has inside him into 13 pieces among his...
  13. Mexican Sora

    KHUX ► SPOILER: Is Lust vanquished?

    If you're implying that MX harbored one of the main 7 darknesses, you need to remember that Luxu/Xigbar STILL has a piece of Xehanort inside him at the end of KH3. If Xehanort split his heart then you can assume he split that darkness along with it, meaning Luxu could be harboring it right now.
  14. Mexican Sora

    If Vanitas is one of the 13 Willful Darknesses that gained a physical form. What do you think the other 12 Darknesses would look like?

    Could be that MX probably had the missing one inside of him and let him in willingly.
  15. Mexican Sora

    Quadratum = Unreality

    I see Unreality in the same way that Lorule is the counterpart to Hyrule in the Zelda games. It's just the counterpart to Sora's reality. As far as Yozora being a videogame in Sora's reality; since they're counterparts you can assume that they have an effect on each other through it's denizens...
  16. Mexican Sora

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    So according to the dialog the Master of Masters isn't originally from Daybreak Town? And it now seems to me that Ventus is the "Sora" of his worldline before it was completely destroyed. He seems to be just as special as Sora himself is right now.
  17. Mexican Sora

    Xehanort's Ancestor isn't that special Theory

    I'm more on the line that Xehanort was actually there as himself and not the player during the events of UX as a dandelion.
  18. Mexican Sora

    A theory on how a Yozora Kingdom Hearts game would work

    Please, no more Agrabah/Wonderland for the love of god
  19. Mexican Sora

    (Theory) Can the RAX trio be true traitors ?

    Luxu is the traitor. The sigil is in his name.
  20. Mexican Sora

    Could Quadratum Pave The Way For Marvel And Star Wars In Future Games?

    They can have Sora show up right smack dab in the middle of the Clone Wars.