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    the big white nobody

    ^^dammit you were on to something..... but seriously twilight thorn? why thorn? zone would have been a better choice *pouts*
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    Hustle-Murs featurin John cena

    Yeah Cena pwned everything in this video including the flow http://youtube.com/watch?v=e99zB9Cz0D4&search=John%20cena
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    Wild N Out season 2

    Who else thinks this show is f*ckin hilarious?
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    It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

    http://www.clappingfetus.com/Flash/peanutbutterjelly.html Yeah boi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sacred Scripts Clique (Roll Call)

    Anyway this is a clique for rappin,scrappin and ass-tappin.J/P but this clique is for rappin. Sign up now. ROLL CALL! @_@ SACRED SCRIPTS @_@ <>...
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    Goddamn it's cold!!!!

    Oops I used the lords name in vain( sorry God). Back to my regular scheduled programming.It's cold as a >(insert word here)<
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    Sora + Deep Dive

    Wait I think I get Deep Dive!!!!When everything is coming back to the unknown the last line is the true keybalde master!!!And Sora is coming to the spooky beach where the unknown is sitting!!!He's coming back!!!
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    It's something in the chicken.........

    Is it me or is every good rap artist from the South? Think about it: Lil jon/eastsideboys,Ludacris,mike jones,paul wall,slim,thug,UGK,Webby,Trick daddy,Trina,Youngbloods,Lil scrappy,Lil bowwow,Ciara......It just keeps going!It's time for a new era.
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    Now I know why they call him the Elephant Man!!!

    Prepare yourself, don't look at it for 2 long or you will go blind. His name is the elephant man and (goes blind) oh crap.The sun ain't got nothing on the elephant man!!!!LMFAO!!!!This dude does the reggae rap man.This is just disgusting!!! EDIT:Is that a rip in her pants? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!
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    Dude Im 2 young 4 this LOL. Anyways this girl had a crush on me in the 4th grade(and I liked her 2)but she didn't know that.So 1 time me and my gang of crazies was hangin out and she was talkin to her "girlfriendsz"LOL and she gave me her digitz.I thought she was playin but she probably wasn't...
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    If it's a spam thread then don't post. Wait I just posted..........I'm a n00b....again.
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    School is coming......

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!I don't know about you but for me,school is gonna start in like about 2 weeks!!!!! It's like the opposite of christmas........At least G-phoria is coming too. Edit: Tomorrow Sora'sgirl??? I wish you luck.
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    Who do you think Sora will fuse with?

    I wanna know all the characters you think Sora will fuse with. Goofy=Valor form Donald= Wisdom form Bhk=Twilight form? Mickey=King form? Riku=Dawn form? Jiminy Cricket<(bad joke)=Green form (couldn't think of a name) If you didn't guess it already, the last 4 were guesses.
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    Don't you love it........

    When SOS closes one of those "true love" threads? No offense people in love but to me it's hilarious!!!You gotta "love it" <(bad joke)
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    I think somebody already posted this and Keyblade Shards pwn3d them.LOL I'm serious......
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    Small bits of News

    Duh minnie has a ring!! She's married to Mickey!!!! Or is she?? (Dramatic Music)
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    SU is Sitting Unkown.
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    i found how the unknowns comunicate! there words

    So you just put up some scribble scrabble that you can't translate right?
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    i found how the unknowns comunicate! there words

    LOL they're uknown loops!! I found PM!!Is that how they communicate?
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    i found how the unknowns comunicate! there words

    I dare someone to translate that.