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    am I a failure if I can't beat COM?

    no dont feel bad - i was too lazy to even btoher playing it at all. just Kh and KHII for me, thanks :)
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    What the hell is Utada Hikaru saying?!

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanctuary_%28Utada_song%29 Wikipedia = Life. Mystery solved. Thanks for your help all. :D
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    What the hell is Utada Hikaru saying?!

    Nah it's easier to ask you guys. You answered in like 2 seconds flat after I posted the topic. she has other reversed sentences besides that one? like what?
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    What the hell is Utada Hikaru saying?!

    In the KHII theme song 'Sanctuary' most of the lyrics are easy to understand, and if they aren't, one could always look up the lyrics on teh intarweb. But there is this one phrase in Sanctuary where I have NO IDEA what Utada Hikaru is saying - I was wondering if anyone did. It's during the...
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    Fanfiction ► This is My Story: Memories Untold

    Goldie, you totally deserve to take some time off to play kh2!!!! omg im soo excited!! my pre-ordered copy come saturday. oh man....there's my entire saturday right there. no social activities for me, no sir! lol
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    Fanfiction ► This is My Story: Memories Untold

    ^ HAHA! ROFL! I've done that before - my mouth almost exploded lol! It is a good way to pass the time, though.....
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    Fanfiction ► This is My Story: Memories Untold

    GOLDIIIIIIIIIIIIIE! COME BAAAAAAAAAACK! lol Im very excited for next chappie, just to let ya know. i'm also making u a buddy because you are an amazing writer and you're nice! :) (i dont expect you to make me a buddy 'cause im a fan of your writing, tho. If you did that, you would have like...
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    Fanfiction ► This is My Story: Memories Untold

    Goldie - first of all, HI!! lol I went to the link on Rufus_shinra's sig expecting just another Kh fanfic w/ sora and kairi mushiness - nothing new, but nice to read nonethless. Little did I know I was about to embark on a long and EXTREMELTY intriguing fanfiction journey! Seriously...this is...
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    just so you guys know

    ...how does this make nomura a racist?
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    Legend of Dragoon

    I just started playing Legend of Dragoon. Has anyone else played it? If you have, is the plot good enough to spend my time on? i mean, it looks pretty cheesy, but if no one tells me it is a piece of crap I think it has potential, so I'll play it. And if you've finished it, please no spoilers...
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    do u have to beat kh CoM?

    ^That's helpful. I'm just going to read the script online, since the battle system of CoM sucks balls and I am not going to play an entire game with those friggin cards.
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    hate this game now

    eh w/e this stupid noob doesnt know what hes talking about. Besides, it says in his original post, "flame if you want to." We all know you only posted this to start a flaming thread, KH_hater vs.0.1. You knew this would happen, yet WHY you would want an entire thread against you I have no idea...
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    hate this game now

    Um, Kh_hater, if you play ANY video game or are in any way, shape, or form associated with the modern world you're gonna have to get used to waiting for things to come out. Yes, we're all anxious to see the game,but they're only taking a long time because its gonna be A FREAKING AWESOME GAME...
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    Ilago a good guy now?

    Yeah i guess he is in this one
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    Mysterious Trash Bin

    Why is it that sometimes when I first go to the KHI forums page I see the "Trash Bin" at the bottom, and then I log in and it mysteriously disappears! I really want to access it so I can angrily reply to a "please, no more gay fanart. its disgusting" post. does anyone know why the trash bin...
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    Which KH Theme Song you like better?

    I love Hikari, but I heard simple and clean first and fell in love with it. Plus, its the song playing during the most beautiful ending fmv ever :)
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    Who Wants To Hear Kh2 In Jap? ^-^

    Yeah, I'm sure you must be used to it. It just gets me so angry when ppl act like that! You shouldn't have to put up with ppl like Squallzion, but, I guess we gotta play the hand we're dealt. Our flaming shall be sizzling, I can guarantee that :)
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    Who Wants To Hear Kh2 In Jap? ^-^

    Shut the hell up, Squallzion! It was just someone's opinion. Why are you making such a big deal out of it and lashing out at them, calling them derogatory terms and saying their opinion is gay? Wtf is your problem, huh? If you think this thread is so damn gay, just leave it! No one here wants to...
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    my friend said she cried on some parts of KH1, did u?

    i cried like a mofo! sooooo much! but, then agian, I cry ALL THE TIME at video games and anime. Seriously. like, when *spoilers for ff X and VII* Aeris died i sobbed for half an hour and when tidus disappeared in the end and the kiss scene in the lake, i sobbed so hard Also in the end of kh i...
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    Im Stuck!

    yeah i get it now. i posted before i saw urs.