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    More Battle Screens! (16)

    Hmmm.... It might be "Snipe burning".
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    More Battle Screens! (16)

    This is all according to the japanese names: Cuadro de minas = Detone Square Hoja afortunada = Slot blade/strike Furia confusión = Confu strike (maybe) Toxis = Poison Quiebrarrocas = Rock Breaker Estocada veloz = Sonic Rave (it's not Curga) Cura = Cure Tormenta = Storm (officialy "Barrage")...
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    KHBBS Game Play

    So now Speed Rave is Fever Pitch??... Also, Fire Blazer -> Fire Storm, Magic Wish -> Spell Weaver, and what's Fatal Mode now??....
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    What the...¿?¿? .__.

    Hey guys =) Guess what.... I got another glitch!! xDD This time it was Aqua's, and I think I know how to get into it; put your psp to sleep mode and wake it up (this freezes game when you move to another stage), and just try to get into Magic Wish or any other style, idk. YouTube - Birth by...
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    What the...¿?¿? .__.

    I don't know. I promise 0_0 xD I usually play while listening some music or watchin TV, so I don't really pay attention to the game... lol If this happens again i'll let you know what I did. (gimme time 'cause I'm in the middle of Ven's story xD) P.S: I almost forgot: the glitch was still...
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    What the...¿?¿? .__.

    I was playing as Terra at Keyblade Graveyard (y'know, leveling up) and then this happened (look his right hand): YouTube - Birth by Sleep - Terra's hand glitch O.o
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    [spoilers] Early Release Game Owner

    The whole debugging team of Square said that it was really fun to play the battles with all those commands and new stuff *___*
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    [spoilers] Early Release Game Owner

    I'm on 5.50GEN-D3 and it's perfect!! I didn't really care if it was worse than m33, i just wanted to play the game I was waiting so much *w* so I changed to GEN and I haven't had a problem yet.
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    [spoilers] Early Release Game Owner

    Do you think it will work on CFW 5.50GEN-D3?... I HOPE SO... omgsh
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    [spoilers] Early Release Game Owner

    I do have an account at ニコニコ. That guy has put 3 links to livestreaming sites, but he's not online right now, neither has played BbS yet because if you look for his last broadcasts their from another different game. Am I allowed to put the links here? edit: damn, you're too fast...
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    [spoilers] Early Release Game Owner

    Okay, let's see it.:96: (If it's a torrent from a chinese site, I'm sure it's a fake)
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    Special hidden message from Master Eraqus.

    Smells like hypocrisy, doesn't it? shamisen
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    [spoilers] Early Release Game Owner

    Re: Early Release Game Owner They (is it more than one person who writes that? idk) have said something about 1,8GB....
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    ~Keyblade Master's Guide~ (?)

    Oops.... really sorry, I didn't see that thread. Could any mod close this, plzz?
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    ~Keyblade Master's Guide~ (?)

    I'm not sure what's this... MANGAOH CLUB [????? ??? ??? ?? ???? ??????????????] It's called "Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade Master's Guide" (if I've read the kanas correctly) I think it's soon for the manga... and cheap to be the official game guide... What do you guys think?? Source: ReBirth Wings
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    What are the new type of enemy called?

    There's no much info about them... but we know they're called "Unversed", and they grow out from negative emotions.
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    If I reached the ending...I spoiled everything?

    Nomura said that you'll can play that way too, but also it will make the plot more difficult to understand. I will simply throw a dice; if I get 1 or 2 -> Terra, if 3 or 4 -> Ven, if 5 or 6 -> Aqua; because I cannot decide it myself... T~T But whoever character I start, I'll play him/her...
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    Another Interview from rpglands

    I'm still going to play V > A > T. I'm not really interested on Aqua, but i dont wanna let her for last either.
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    MARVEL wasn't gonna get into KH, but...

    ...but maybe KH already got into MARVEL. (You know Disney acquired MARVEL recently.) I know this post isn't really about KH... nor about its future... but you gotta admit that the close-up girl at this comic looks really "familiar" to all of us :eek: I don't use to open new threads, so don't...
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    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    Happy new year, bitches!! xDDD It's already 0:09 in Spain, and i've just eaten my 12 grapes (traditions... xD) Well.... i have something to say 'bout the new trailer. Especially about Vanitas' helmet. If he can just "melt it down" whenever he want... why did he get it off while talking to MX at...