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  1. AurisFlown

    Scala ad Caelum - Hidden Secrets and Theory

    I thought I would give some time for people to finish and also maybe I wouldn't have to do the work but it seems not many people are talking about it. So ill start a topic for it. Ive also separated the different main points into different spoiler parts. EDIT:
  2. AurisFlown

    Mystery surrounding the Unknown Girl

    If your on this section of the Forum, I would think that you want to spoil yourself or have already played the game, Edit: Adding Spoiler Bubble in case I broke a rule. I still need to finish the Battle Gates to grab more info but wanted to leave something before I forget about this Theory.
  3. AurisFlown

    My M.O.M. experiment theory was almost correct.

    I think the link is messed up. It sends me to https.com instead of the forum's thread.
  4. AurisFlown

    DDD: Removing the Time Travel

    Maybe it has to do with the fact the Young Xehanort is Moving forward in time, than back. So maybe the rules are tweaked a bit. Possibly, he is only able to go forward in time as long as another him is present. And going back in time "once" but as long as he moves forward with time, he can...
  5. AurisFlown

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue English TGS Trailer & Release Date!

    meep message changed. Okay im convinced now, I was wrong.
  6. AurisFlown

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue English TGS Trailer & Release Date!

    Which Luxu? Because when it was MoM and Luxu, it sounded more like Lea than Young Eraqus to me. I mean to say that Luxu from when MoM was still around, sounds like Lea but the one from before the Keyblade War with the Unicornis Master (forgot his name) sounds very different.
  7. AurisFlown

    Theory: The Magic Mirror reflects Aqua's inner feelings

    I wonder if its possible that the Magic Mirror, when it was infused with darkness by the witch's potion mix, Aqua gets near the mirror, possibly the realm of darkness taints the Magic Mirror once more, which then sucks Aqua into the mirror world, which she then tries to escape the mirror thru...
  8. AurisFlown

    Hidden Detail in BBS Scene

    So while I was looking at some old video's about birth by sleep, the part where they fight Master Xehanort and Vanitus, I noticed a part where MX's Keyblade transformed into the purple fiery ball he throws into the clouds for the Blue Kingdom Hearts to show up... I slowed it down and it showed...
  9. AurisFlown

    Confusion in regards to Rinzler

    If Space Paranoid and The Grid are the same world, then wouldn't it be possible for the Memories to pass on to each other? As we know in KH2, The Resident's of Twilight Town Never Met Roxas but their Data-Counter parts did meet him. Somehow, the memories of the data-counter parts was able to...
  10. AurisFlown

    Fate of disney worlds in KH1

    We also have Information about how the Resident's of Destiny Island, After their world was brought back, They only remember that Riku Disappeared on the night of the storm. Only after Sora wakes up, Do they remember about him and then is changed to Both Disappeared on the night of the storm...
  11. AurisFlown

    So...Who do you think we get to play as for the Tutorial?

    It would not make sense if Sora happens to be really weak Starting KH III. Although, I guess we can all say, somehow, Someway, its very possible to just say we are seeing a flashback of when he was still weak or something. Riku and Lea are definitely out of the Question, as Riku is already a...
  12. AurisFlown

    Ephemera Name Meanings?

    We know that Names have Meanings, So I decided to Search on what Ephemera Means. So far, I have found out that on Google, Ephemera is "things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time." And Merriam-Webster "something of no lasting significance" By going Further, I've found...
  13. AurisFlown

    What do you think Aqua will do in this game?

    Maybe she'll end up meeting a Forteller who ended up in the realm of darkness before or during the Keyblade war since time runs differently in there.
  14. AurisFlown

    In-Depth: 7 Light's and 13 Darkness

    So I gave up after 5 pages of searching for a topic about this. (In case I'm wrong, I'm going by memory at the moment) (Also, it's a bit of a theory I'm going with) As we know, the X-blade is formed of 7 light's and 13 Darkness's, which currently, the seven lights are the princess's of heart...
  15. AurisFlown

    Who unlocked the TT Mansion gates?

    Maybe Riku unlocked the gate for Ansem the Wise.
  16. AurisFlown

    Something Weird That Irks Me About BBS...

    Also, I wonder if you've forgotten about the dash feature on the world map which makes your statement about 2 different types of speed actually possible.
  17. AurisFlown

    Terra meeting Xehanort

    I wonder if anyone thought it was Terra's Darkness giving him a look into the near future. Something that has been set in stone and WILL happen.
  18. AurisFlown

    The Realms Connected?

    I don't know if there's a duplicate about this topic but oh well. I'm a little confused cause I remembered something important about the realms in KH. POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING As we all know, the realm of light, the worlds within are separated from each other. The only way to enter them is...