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  1. Talys Alankil

    KH 3D Official Site Updated! (2/14)

    I think it might be a Toy Story world. Since, y'know, there are toys all around. But it's only an opinion.
  2. Talys Alankil

    Bitchiness mode ON

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so please forgive me if this isn't the proper place (or if this has already been said, I'm not really active on the forum)… In at least two pieces of news on the site, you refer to the world of the Hunchback of Notre Dame as "Le Cité des Cloches", this info...
  3. Talys Alankil

    Kingdom Hearts 3D offically to be at E3

    Sweet ! Finally get to see some of this quite elusive game. As for FFXIII-2, it better be there if it's to be released worldwide by the end of the year ^^
  4. Talys Alankil

    Final Mix Scans! (4)

    Yeah, too bad for those who already imported the original japanese game. GAH, their final mixes are killing me. Anyway, for Monstro, apparently (the site linked above says so) you fight inside it and then you fight the whale itself. Yes, you fight something big enough to be a world in KH. Now...
  5. Talys Alankil

    Question for anyone who has played or has BBS!?

    Friend is all the abilities you buy for medals in Mirage Arena. It has Friend Cure (-ra, -raga), Friend Esuna, then all kind of special abilities such as Vanish, Trinity Limit, and other things I can't think of right now. As for the rest, you're more or less right about it.
  6. Talys Alankil

    A Far-fetched family idea

    They could be related (even if i doubt the grandfather-grandchild theory for reasons mentioned above), but the suit isn't really an evidence, since Riku uses it in the first fight agaisnt him in CO, where he hasn't met Ansem SoD yet.
  7. Talys Alankil

    *Spoiler Alert!*

    I have already seen that theory. But I can't think of anything confirming there are two sides to the dark meridian
  8. Talys Alankil

    Mirage Arena - Versus Mode Question

    Wrong. There are also the throne room in Enchanted Dominion, the place where the Cursed Carriage is fought in Castle of Dreams, a place looking like the flipper in Disney Town, TWO arenas from Deep Space, the pirate cave from Neverland. So, only RG, Dwarf Woodlands and Keyblade Graveyard...
  9. Talys Alankil

    Please correct me if i'm wrong...

    Riku couldn't use the dark keyblade 'cause it was formed of the hearts of the six Princesses that Ansem SoD had back at the time, and it was destroyed when Sora stabbed himself. So he simply had no keyblade to summon. Later on, he somehow acquired WttD and thus could summon it. I think Nomura...
  10. Talys Alankil

    vanitas. how the..

    ^This. Like Nomura did with Xion looking like Kairi and ending up having no connection with Kairi (other than Sora). Now, as he did for Xion, Nomura might come with an explanation for this resemblance, but I think the design was initially to make us speculate the wrong way.
  11. Talys Alankil


    Just to make sure… where was it confirmed he could dual wield ?
  12. Talys Alankil

    Holding the Keyblade

    I'm guessing she can, since she already has. I mean, Sora willingly gave his Keyblade to Jack Sparrow and it still warped back in his hands, which did not happen when Riku gave Kairi a keyblade. Guess we'll find out sooner or later.
  13. Talys Alankil

    Question about the cmmand styles

    Juste guessing, but I already got Shoot Locks by doing Command Charge. I get a Command, and suddenly it transforms in another. It might be that way. I haven't fully understood how or why that happens, so sorry. And I'm playing with Aqua so I sure don't have that one.
  14. Talys Alankil

    *Spoilers* Just a small question

    I think it's Aqua and Terra uniting their strength against the darkness, represented by the Guardian. Remember that part of the fight is metaphysical (like Ven's final battle against Vanitas) ; in the "real world" the Guardian is holding Aqua at that moment.
  15. Talys Alankil

    The Dark Guardian

    I'm not looking at the secret ending because i don't want to spoil myself, but if you want to be sure that it's Eraqus, just look at the Japanese subs and look for his NAME エラクゥス Not that hard, is it ?
  16. Talys Alankil


    I've always thought that it was just Terra's imagining what could happen, combined with Nomura foreshadowing what would happen, and the cutscene guy being lazy and reusing the already-made cutscene. As for Ven asleep, I think it's more because Aurora and Ven both have hearts of pure light...
  17. Talys Alankil

    Question about the cmmand styles

    You get keychains, no level up for the keyblade Yup, that one was forgotten for Terra. I like it, but I'm sick of it because Terranort uses it so much. ^^ As for ice creams… never used that so far. Never got the flavours required for any of the seven recipes.
  18. Talys Alankil

    Question! *Raises Hand*

    Great, we never knew about that >< I'd say their hearts merged at least partially, so only one heartless was created. Or Terra and ME's heartless were simple, normal Pureblood heartless and we don't care about them.
  19. Talys Alankil

    Xehanort Report Locations

    The others are all gained in treasure chests or after the boss fights. So go treasure hunting and it should be quick^^
  20. Talys Alankil

    yes, another small question

    Unversed are part of Vanitas, spawned by him using negative emotions. As he didn't spawn dimself, I would say he's not an Unversed. As for the other two, I don't know. I don't think LS is unversed, since we know how he was born and we know Vanitas had nothing to do with it. VS has so far no plot...