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    The "Holy shit that trailer made me pumped for BBS" Thread

    im at the point with this game where its like... i dont want to see any more scans, trailers or what ever else. i just want the dam game
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    Olympus Coliseum...

    actually you could see herc as a kid being trained by phil, and if anything it would be the same as 358
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    Olympus Coliseum...

    would be dumb if they cut it, olympus coliseum was one of the best worlds.
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    Aqua and the tree

    or it would be a man eating tree that will destroy everything good in this universe
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    BBS Japan Release Date Announced

    why not? the higher the post count the more sex you will have
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    BBS Japan Release Date Announced

    woot! lets use this thread to get our post count up!!! edit: also if this one main page their kinda slow.
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    BBS Release day + Price

    hopefully comes to NA around march-may
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    Why Terra is most likely Xehanort

    oh no's plot twists!
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    Random thoughts.

    holy crap thats a huge wall of text.
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    Aqua a POH?

    aqua a POH? that would be lame.
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    Kh not that abstract.

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    Xion's Keyblade - or Roxas's?! [Discussion]

    dam, so many fucking people in kingdom hearts have a keyblade now, its not even cool any more :'( at any rate. i would laugh if its fake.
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    meh. fight fire with fire.
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    Sephiroth in BBS

    sephiroth still has a better chance over most other bosses that have been stated in this thread. since hes VERY popular.
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    Abilities you'd Like to See in BBS

    I just hope for dodge roll, i missed that in kh2 :(
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    Concerning BBS's endings...

    I would like to think the ending differs depending on which scenario your doing. although i have no proof to back that up so...
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    aqua's story

    so your saying that heartless existed but no one knew about them? that sounds...... very stupid.
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    aqua's story

    oh jeez. it starting to seem every time you post in a thread you start a argument. nomura is not vague. your just stubborn and dumb, which is a bad mix.
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    Alright! Lets try this yet again!

    isn't there like.. someone who can close the thread? because this is getting alittle to much. god leave this alone for another 20 minutes and it will be at page 10
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    Alright! Lets try this yet again!

    hopefully everyone has noticed that by now:confused: