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  1. Riruru

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie

    Oh Geez. I'm not sure how Nomura would handle something so meta if that were the case. We already have the creator of Danganronpa going a bit crazy with it that it occasionally overrides good writing for him.
  2. Riruru


    Also, I laugh at how obviously Sora's VA doesn't like Sokai, like at all. Him throwing shade at Kairi and saying it was probably her fault that Riku fell to darkness in the same beat that he said the paopu scene wasn't romantic was some serious salt. I'm not sure how much we can take a voice...
  3. Riruru

    Worst KH pairing?

    Leon x Sora. I've seen it around and it highly disturbs me. Especially since Sora went up to about Leon's stomach in height back in KHI. It doesn't help that most portrayals of the pairing really do make Sora significantly younger and illegal. I also can't stand Roxas/Namine. Why? Because the...
  4. Riruru

    [SPOILER] KH2.8 Special credits (the one on the game selection menu)

    Hello, first post here. I've been lurking up until now and couldn't help but join in. It's a long post too. I hope we can get along. I agree. One of my favourite scenes in all of the franchise has to be in KH II when Kairi was the one who ran up to Riku and asked him not to leave. It was just...