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  1. Cumguardian69

    KINGDOM HEARTS series releasing on Switch via cloud streaming on February 10th

    Just finiahed the demo...its amazing...KH3 never played better on console before...I cant wait for the Cloud Versioms to release!
  2. Cumguardian69

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    One nitpick I have is the lack of a retry button in games before Days/BBS. Never realized how annoying it was to have to run back to the fight arena until I did lv1cm in kh2fm
  3. Cumguardian69

    KHUX ► Ux offline version opinions?

    I think it's extremely well done and I'm glad newmembers will be able to easily and accessible experience KHUX. It may not be in its prime but it isn't forgotten.
  4. Cumguardian69

    Recapturing the magic

    Do we know what happened to the XBlade? Like Xehanoet summons it inside his brain then Sora and team use it to lock KH. But like...did Sora just ditch it? Was it broken down because the host summoner (xeanbort) died? Or something else entirely
  5. Cumguardian69

    Kingdom Hearts Series Coming to Nintendo Switch as Cloud Versions

    This is completely acceptable and par for the SE course. Unless you want KH3 Pocket Edition inatead of the full release
  6. Cumguardian69

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 20th anniversary trailer + event announced

    The Great: •Sora is in SMASH. All I ever wanted. And KH2 gets four costumes? Omg im screaming. That means Sora will fight Clout and Swaggeroth with mods. •Series finally reaches the Switch in some capacity. Now I can show my Switch only friends why KH is a must play series, and I'll start them...
  7. Cumguardian69

    Recapturing the magic

    KH1 is 99% nostalgia. •Bad camera even in HD FM, •Attacks take 20 years to come out, bad lag on ground finishers •Flo*ty air combos •stop and gravity are broken •Final rest has the godliest enemy gauntlet in all of KH but it doesnt have a checkpoint so you can get one shotted and lose...
  8. Cumguardian69

    Dark Road ► Did Dark Road's Ending Get Released?

    Need that ending naoo. I just want to kniw xeanborrs srory
  9. Cumguardian69

    Kingdom Hearts Series PC Modding Thread

    What youtubers did that do you have example
  10. Cumguardian69

    Where Kingdom Hearts is failing

    I fudged what I was gonna type and accidently hit post reply (i'm on mobile and havent looked up how to turn off formatting on xenforo yet) sorry about the confusion bro
  11. Cumguardian69

    Where Kingdom Hearts is failing

    •Sora's personality, thoughts, emotions, and struggles should have been focused on in depth. •Sora, Ven, and Roxas should have had crises to contend with •Riku should've saved Terra and Aqua, or alternatively Aqua should've been NORTED instead of DARKED. •Scrap everything related to VR
  12. Cumguardian69

    What themes to incorporate into a Female Player theme?

    Just make them powerful. Listen to Blinded by Light (FF13 battle theme). It is strong, has guitar riffs and while it isnt ACTUALLY Lightning's theme, it might as well be.
  13. Cumguardian69

    Thoughts on fiction?

    I dont think so. DG and M already went around the worlds Sora veeb too and got no clues. I would think that D & G would specifically have rmeembered Toy Box.
  14. Cumguardian69

    Thoughts on fiction?

    Everyone is waiting for their new beginning, their birth by sleep. Even me, and even you - Kenja Ansemu sama But what if he wasnt saying that to Aqua but instead to Sora? What if he knew that Sora was going to die (sleep and death meet at tfw) ans instead he whiakes him a a ay to Yoznroa...
  15. Cumguardian69

    Thoughts on fiction?

    We dont know how fiction works. Im lowkey curious too because Sora got crystallized while Yozora faded away.
  16. Cumguardian69

    The Legend of Zelda | Breath of the Wild

    It's the one thing BOTW2 needs to beat BOTW1 if you ask me. Beating on a Lynel the first time was amazing, but every lynel after the first is just "wow flurry rush like 6 times mount". We NEED humans and humanoids with fast attack speed, we need Darknuts and Iron Knuckles and this and that.
  17. Cumguardian69

    The Legend of Zelda | Breath of the Wild

    Nothing lackluster about it. It showed off amped stasis, new world design, tiny bits of story (we know Link's arm gets severely injured, he ends up on a plate of somesort and gets the gauntlet gauzed on), new music design, time manipulation. The only thing really missing is enemy variety.
  18. Cumguardian69

    The Legend of Zelda | Breath of the Wild

    BotW 2 looking freaking fantastic. I might just sell my PS5 and put myself in stasis until next year. I am HYPED aa hell for the game. E3 was mostly a joke but goddamn....please lord let BOTW2 release early next year.
  19. Cumguardian69

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    The translations for UX were better than say 3 becoz ux was lore heavy and world buulding, it wasn't character drama. 3 had really weird writing.