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  1. Nightmarex40

    Want to join an active top A-Class Ursus team?

    Hello everyone, Hope all is well! A little about me... My name is Nightmarex40, and I have been on several teams within Ursus. Ranging from the no.1 team at a time and many other top ten Ursus's teams, I have enjoyed playing with some great players. Furthermore, I predominantly speak English...
  2. Nightmarex40

    Suggestions to add to Kingdom Hearts x (Chi)

    Hello Everyone, Thought I would make a thread on what you would like to see in the future from Kingdom Hearts x (chi). This is a just a recommendation/suggestion thread to voice your opinion, which may or may not be applied to the actual game. As a Texan, I have throughly enjoyed the game...
  3. Nightmarex40

    Anyone in Ursus looking for a competitive and amazing team?

    Hello Everyone, My name is Nightmarex40, and I am currently on the fluctuating no.3 (to no.2) team right now on Ursus. We have an open spot on our team, and are looking for a dedicated player. If you are a beast, and want to join an awesome team, contact party leader MayaRin. We have a great...